Too Hot For Killing - Life Pilot

Artist: Life Pilot

Album: Too Hot For Killing EP

Genre: Noise-Metal

Release date: October 13th 2017

Review by Steve Jenkins

There really aren't enough variations of the word 'intense' to describe Life Pilot's new release, Too Hot For Killing. Combining heavy guitars, groovy bass lines and and chaotic yet tight drums, topped off with impressive vocals, the band is the perfect mix of energetic heaviness.

Too Hot For Killing is punishingly fast, opening with the chaotic 'One'. The guitarists are at their peak in this one minute lesson on brutality, moving effortlessly from fast paced tapping to flowing rhythms, working perfectly with the furious vocals of Angus Long. 'Defy' is next up, and it carries a bit more of an Every Time I Die vibe with it. It's still intensely heavy, but is less chaotic than 'One', instead preferring structure to pure madness. Compared to the rest of the release, it's more restrained, but the ferocity of the guitars and vocals still make it feel like a punch to the face.

Following up is 'Bystander', where the technical prowess of the guitars is really put on show with their perfect meeting of mind-melting speed and softer sections. The title track, 'Too Hot For Killing' is much more of a slow-burner. It's chilled out and laid back, especially in comparison to the rest of the EP. The song is alright, but is ultimately dissatisfying when holding it up against the other tracks on the release.

'Next Question' is next up. The song sees the band move into a more sensual feel, with epic group vocals that'll make you pay attention. Finishing up with 'Knife Box', the track is nothing short of complete and utter bedlam. With out of control drums and fast guitars, it's extreme, it's technical, and it's the perfect end to a very strong EP. There are very few dull moments (if, in fact, there are any), which leaves me excited for what the band have in store for us in the future. But for now, this is more than enough to keep any listener satisfied.

8 out of 10.

Too Hot For Killing is out October 13th.

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