Have You Heard? Delirium - Lacuna Coil

Artist: Lacuna Coil

Album: Delirium

Genre: Metal

Lacuna Coil are a very important band. They were one of the most prominent heavy acts to prove that a front-woman did not need to represent fragility, but strength and authority, inspiring a whole generation of female musicians - the kind that could hold their own among any of their male-fronted counterparts. Appearing on numerous festival line-ups hand in hand with bands like Slipknot and Faith No More, Lacuna Coil became a mainstay in metal and achieved a level of respect many could not. Today we’re taking you back to their 2016 release Delirium.

Last year, the band dropped their 9th studio album – an achievement in itself. Their career spans 23 years and they show no signs of slowing down. In retrospect Delirium is their heaviest and most ambitious record to date, and the band once again proves that they can be listenable and melodic, but also very, very heavy – a mix they have mastered over decades of hard work and perfected live with years of non-stop touring, seamlessly replicating their music live with studio-like quality and conviction.

Delirium is a pleasure to listen to for many reasons, but mainly, it is extremely compelling, memorable, and beautifully produced. The big, sweeping choruses of tracks like ‘Blood, Tears, Dust’ and ‘The house of shame’ bring such grandeur and depth to this record, whilst making use of elegant and thoughtful simplicity to provoke an almost instant response. ‘You love me ‘cause I hate you’ is an instant fan favourite – an anthem filled with subdued aggression. ‘Ghost in the mist’ offers an almost djent groove and chugging guitars, with the band tipping their toe into more progressive territory. The evocative and sombre ‘Live to tell’ shows Lacuna Coil’s softer side – the fragility and honesty we all fell in love with in the ‘Shallow Life’ era all the way back in 2009. Closer ‘Bleed the rain’ is ferocious and encompasses beautifully what Delirium is all about – the message of hope in the darkness.

Lacuna Coil have created a career-defining album that is sure to withstand the test of time and take its place among the greatest heavy records released in the last decade. Delirium is an instant classic. Re-visit this album, and listen carefully. There is something new to discover with every listen.

9 out of 10.

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