Terra Firma - Bodyjar

Artist: Bodyjar

Album: Terra Firma EP

Genre: Punk Rock

Review by Steve Jenkins

Who else remembers playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 and bouncing along every time 'Not The Same' by Bodyjar came on? What a track, what a band.

Being one of the most consistent and well loved Australian punk rock bands, it's no secret that fans were excited when Bodyjar started making music again after a short hiatus from 2009-2012. They may have slowed down the pace a bit, but they're still making top-notch tunes that are enjoyable and fun to listen to. It's been 4 years since their last full length album Role Model was released, and now in 2017 they're back with a short but sweet 12-minute long offering in the form of an EP, titled Terra Firma.

All this proves EP is that Bodyjar are a band that still have it in spades, and despite it being a brief listen of four new songs, they're refreshing and still hold up strong with their reliable formula.

Opener ‘Burning it Down for Nothing’ is an explosive cut that boasts some infectious melodies. Musically, it could be confused for one of their older tracks, perhaps taken from their bouncy and fun 2002 album, Plastic Skies. The riffs are uplifting and gratifying, even though the lyrics are serious. Following with ‘Money Box’ and ‘Get it Right’ which both maintain the energy while gradually moving to a harder, more punk rock territory.

Front man Cameron Baines has always been a focal point as his voice is powerful and urgent in tone, plus I love how these guys constantly switch from darker, more complex progressions to cheery, sing-along choruses. Unfortunately, we rapidly reach to the end of this succinct adventure.

The closing track, ‘Elon Musk’ is an absolute ripper, featuring pummeling drums, gritty guitars topped by strong leads as well as cool, layered vocals. I believe this type of music can feel invigorating when done by the right musicians. Thankfully, this Aussie quartet is one of the best examples out there and we're proud to call them our own.

Bodyjar have honed their craft a lot and 20 years later they sound just as good as ever. Terra Firma is a significant reminder the group is still going strong, so with a little bit of luck we finally might receive a full length affair next year, fingers crossed.

7 out of 10.

Check out the track "Burn It Down For Nothing" below:

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