Interview: Oliver Alberici and Marco Argiro of The Killing Floor

Combining the best of British and American rock, The Killing Floor have been hard at work earning their reputation for delivering their electrifying blend of alternative, rock, pop, grunge and punk music. Bringing their intoxicating energy to both the music they create and their intense live shows, the band have dominated on every front since they came together, working from different countries to create the wonder that is The Killing Floor. We caught up with guitarist Oliver Alberici and vocalist Marco Argiro to chat about their new album, their favourite tour memories and what it's like to create an album from different sides of the pond.

To anybody new to the band, how would you describe The Killing Floor?

(Oliver) I would describe The Killing Floor as a rock band with great songs that can do it live. (Marco) I like to say were like the Queens of The Led-Vana Foo-C ⚡️DC Experience. or simply put, a Rock 'N' Roll band.

Can you tell us a bit about how you all met and came to be a band? With some of the band living in a different country, was it difficult to get things started?

(Oliver) Well Mark and I are brothers so we grew up making music together, we were recording with our previous band in NYC where we met Marco. We got on really well and soon after our meeting, Marco came over to the studio we had in the UK at the time and sang on some demos we'd been working on. Right away we all knew we had something special so was a relatively painless start. (Marco) We met in New York City when our previous bands crossed paths at Electric Lady Land Studios we shared the same producer (Mark Plati). The Alberici brothers needed to borrow my Marshal cab and we exchanged info. Towards the end of my next U.K. Tour with The Mood the guys invited me down to their studio in Surrey to work on some demos. Those early tunes were the beginning of TKF. From there we began sending music back and fourth across the pond and planning future sessions whenever we could. we had something truly special in the making and new we needed to make it work no matter how difficult the logistics were. We like to think of ourselves as "Geographically challenged."

Congratulations on finishing your new album, Antisocialmedia! How long have you been working on the album?

(Oliver) Thanks. Well as far as studio and recording time etc, it was a relatively quick process all in all, probably no more than 3 to 4 weeks altogether, although this was spread out over a longer period, and a number of different cities . We are constantly writing new material, so when the time is right, we choose the ideas we want to work on, and pull the trigger. (Marco) Thanks! It feels really good to finally be getting this record out. We had been working on this set of tunes for quite some time making sure everything was right. We split the writing process between Brooklyn, Nashville, and PA before making the final decision to track in Brighton, UK with Producer Gez Walton. We tried our best to capture the essence of TKF's live show with this album.

How was the process of recording the album?

(Oliver) It was a lot of fun, its always nice to see and hear your new babies being born. (Marco) For the recording of Antisocialmedia we were all living in the UK refining our lyrics, and fine tuning arrangements at our friend Rob Barry's Barnstorm Studios in Redhill, but once we had everything really dialed in we began tracking w/ Gez Walton at Stronghold Studios in Brighton.

Did you start writing Antisocialmedia with a specific message or feel, or did you just begin creating and waited to see where the album took you?

(Oliver) We knew we wanted to develop our sound as a band and go in a slightly different direction from our first record but had already started to bring that into our live show, so when it was time to record, we had a good idea of how we wanted to sound and what approach to take. The album does have a number of common threads and themes running through it, but thats really just a result of whats going on with us, and around us at the time, and not something we sat down and pre planned. We suck it all in and spit it back out at the world. Its up to other people to decide what they take from it. (Marco) When the guys and I started writing for this album we were very much in tune with what was happening around the world. Some of the themes that were touched on for the first record were explored a bit deeper on this one. There were some harsh realizations and discoveries that helped inspire this set of songs. We hope people dig a little deeper and question what they may have been taught in school. There's a shift happening right now and we plan to be on the right side of history when the dust settles.

You recently headed out on the road on your Antisocialmedia tour, how was that?

(Oliver) As a band we love to play live so going out on the the road is always a priority for us . Already looking forward to our next run. (Marco) This last run of dates we did was a lot of fun. We got to play a few new cities and see some old friends along the way which is always a bonus. The new material is continuing to go over well live and we are showing no signs of stopping creatively speaking. The brothers and I snuck in some late night writing sessions between gigs back in Nashville that will most definitely carry the TKF torch well into the future.

With such an extensive touring history, do you have any unforgettable moments?

(Oliver) Yes far too many to mention all, and many unforgettable moments that we've forgotten too. Some would have to include playing Download festival , Warp Tour Las Vegas , our times in Liverpool , partying in the Joshua Tree desert, meeting some of our heroes in Dave Grohl and Jesse Hughes , winning Indie Week Toronto , and generally just meeting all sorts of weird and wonderful people from all over the world. (Marco) I don't think anyone of us will soon forget our Download Festival experiences, or playing our first Warped Tour date at The Hardrock Las Vegas. On those long drives into the night sitting in the back of the van its a gas reflecting on all the interesting characters we meet along the way. On our most recent run, I remember us laughing at what we get up to. It's not everyday 80's pop icon, Tiffany joins you out on the road for a few of the dates. Tiff is the best and has been extremely supportive. We consider her part of the TKF family.

What would be your musical influences, both personally and as a band?

(Oliver) Another long list. Personally some of my big influences would be Led Zepplin, QOTSA , ACDC , Prodigy , Hendrix , Rolling Stones , Eagles Of Death Metal , Guns and Roses , Howling Wolf. (Marco) For me personally, The Ramones, Superdrag, Rocket From The Crypt, Nirvana, and even Greenday were all huge influences growing up. As far as the band, We are all really inspired by Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters, and more recently Royal Blood.

If you could pick any 4 bands to play a show with, regardless of if they’re still together, who would they be?

(Oliver) ACDC, Rolling Stones , QOTSA , Queen. (Marco) The Doors, Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Ramones, Led Zeppelin.

Antisocialmedia is out now. You can get a taste of it with their single 'Devil Dog' here or grab the album here.

Written by Nicole Roberts

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