Deep Calleth Upon Deep - Satyricon

Artist: Satyricon

Album: Deep Calleth Upon Deep

Genre: Black Metal

Review by Tomina Vincent

Aaah, Satyricon. We go way back. From my rebellious teen black metal phase through my goth phase and my new wave phase, there were always a few bands that i would go back to, even if just for nostalgia's sake. This is a band that played in the background at every squatting Slav party I went to as a teen, and for that reason I have an undying love for them. I was pretty excited to hear this album and find out what they've been to.

i would love to be able to say that this is a great record, but It wasn't quite what I expected. While this is very much Satyricon being Satyricon and that's never a bad thing, I was a little disappointed by the fact that the album sounds like it was made 20 years ago. The production is dry and tired, and the otherwise well written songs lose some of their impact. The overall sound is a touch repetitive and one song blends into the next until you can't tell them apart, but the doom inspired black metal vibe is admittedly transporting and fun. For fans of the genre, this is a strong release on its own and one that's sure to satisfy long time Satyricon fans. The duo themselves address this record as innovative and different for them, but its worth mentioning that its not a huge departure and in the grand scheme of their work, this album fits in their collection like a glove.

'To your brethren in the dark' is my personal favourite - it does what the album should have throughout, and thankfully has some memorable and catchy passages. 'The Ghost Of Rome' is very melodic and probably the most surprising track on the album. 'Black Wings and Withering Gloom' is top notch classic black metal, from the riffs to the lyrics - and it's beautifully done. 'Burial Rite' is a worthy ending, with a thrashy vibe. This one sounds like a classic from the golden era of black metal, while remaining that little bit different for Satyricon.

While Deep Calleth Upon Deep is a strong and cohesive record by one of black metal's godfathers, it is a little bit less exciting than I would have liked. That said, there is an atmosphere and a genuine delivery that is hard to ignore and makes this a work worth hearing.

7 out of 10.

Check out the lyric video for "Deep Calleth Upon Deep" below:

Deep Calleth Upon Deep is out September 22nd via Napalm Records.

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