The Sin And The Sentence - Trivium

Artist: Trivium

Album: The Sin And The Sentence

Genre: Metal

Review by Steve Jenkins

Trivium release the best thing they have done since the well-loved Shogun. We all knew these guys had it in them and they have finally delivered something really good here. This is their most ambitious and diverse album to date and to be perfectly honest, it's freaking awesome.

Boasting surprisingly tight and energetic riffs coupled with the best vocal performance of Matt Heafy's career, this is a damn good slice of modern metal. The cleans are cleaner, the melodies are more melodic, the heaviness is heavier, and the screams are back. There's also some parts that lean towards a death metal/black metal style on this album which just teases us with what the band are capable of. One of the best moments and more brutal parts on the album comes around the 2 minute mark on "Sever The Hand" just after an amazing solo. The drumming intensifies and they incorporate chugging and pummeling riffs which sound almost like you'd hear on a Meshuggah album, it's pretty damn cool.

"Betrayer" is one of those trademark Trivium songs that will win over longtime fans, expertly balancing intense moments and infectious melodies. That's Trivium's sweet spot, where they can deliver punishing metal that's contrasted by ridiculously catchy choruses. My only gripe with some of the songs on this album is that they are a bit repetitive and could use a good chop and edit, but that's just me.

If you mix the albums Ascendency, Shogun and In Waves then you pretty much get The Sin And The Sentence. After the radio experimentation on the last two albums its refreshing to hear the sudden changes. Matt's vocals are much better, whether it be the harsh screaming or singing, the more aggressive approach to some of the songs which is ultimately satisfying, or the expert drumming from latest addition to the band Alex Bent that gives Trivium new life and a much tighter sound overall.

This is the album that every Trivium fan has been waiting for since Shogun. From top to bottom this album is amazing and you should definitely check it out. Trivium are one of those bands that aren't overrated nor are they underrated, but I do feel sometimes they slip through the crack and go a bit underappreciated. The Sin And The Sentence goes that extra mile and delivers everything a fan of modern metal could possibly ask for. This is a strong effort from Trivium and hopefully, the response from fans will show them that Trivium is at their best when they actually use the obvious talent they have.

9 out of 10.

Listen to the track "Sever The Hand" below:

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