Ætherial Drop Heavy New Single

Melbourne's own melodic death metal band Ætherial have released a brand new single and clip from their upcoming debut album, The Still Waters Of Oblivion, which will be released November 10th.

When asked about the meaning behind the track, 'The Fallen Will Mark The Way', vocalist Shep said: "The Fallen Will Mark the Way is about the persistence and resilience that’s required to follow your destiny. It's a song about always moving forward whilst letting go of the past."

The accompanying video was created for Ætherial by Azreal Design (Germany) and Red Beard Design (Germany). "With the lyric video we wanted to stick with similar themes from the album artwork. There’s also a lot of inspiration from the trees in ‘The Evil Dead’ - which definitely works on a number of levels," Shep says.

You can pre-order the album here if you like what you're hearing so far.

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