Interview: Dane of Osaka Punch

Osaka Punch have quickly earned a reputation for being one of Australia's most entertaining live acts right now. With the unique combination of their intoxicating grooves, rock ethos, jazz influence, and an element of humour, all brought together by the charismatic and energetic front man Jack 'Muzak' Venables, they've been quick to gather a legion of fans. Add to this their impressive songwriting chops and hardworking ethics, and you've got yourself one of Australia's most exciting and must see acts. We recently had a chat to Dane, responsible for drums/vocals/attitude, about all things Osaka Punch. Check it out before catching them on the remaining dates of their 'How We Operate' tour.

Thanks for taking the time to speak to Insert Review Here! You’ve had a huge year so far, how is everything going at Osaka Punch HQ?

Fantastic thanks! With the release of "How we operate" and more national support slots on the horizon, things haven't been better.

You showcased at BigSound for the first time this year, tell us a bit about that whole experience.

It was great to be able to mingle, participate AND perform. Whilst members of OP have loitered around big sound for years but this year saw OP get up to number 2 on the bigsound buzz charts!

The band relocated to the UK for a few years, what was that like? What do you find are the main differences between how music is consumed and supported here versus the UK?

We were there from 2013-2015. It was great but very challenging. We had to build ourselves from the ground up.

British consumers support music the same way people do here. The main difference is there isn't 1000ks between each show.

You have toured quite a bit in 2017, and you’re about to take your ‘How we operate’ single release shows on the road as well. How has this year of relentless touring impacted the band? Do you look forward to coming home or is the road your favourite place to be?

Good question. Relentless touring has ebbs and flows. Naturally we love playing. Anywhere to anyone. We do love our partners and families too and it can be logistically challenging.

The good thing is the tours are getting better and better so it can be justified to be away from your friends and family.

Just how difficult is touring in Australia? What are some tricks of the trade you can share for bands trying to stick to a budget?

Don't stick to a small budget, just plan way ahead. Choose comfort. Eat well. Book days off. Don't party to hard until the last night of tour.

This is a hard touring circuit. In one of the hardest industries in the world. Give yourself the leniency you deserve as no one else will give it to you.

Osaka Punch has always been known as a super fun band and your sense of humour is often explored in your film clips. Who comes up with the ideas? Who’s the clown in the band?

Band clown? It's really a band of clowns is it not? Jack. Definitely Jack. The ideas are generally improvised brain farts between Jack and Brenton.

What has been your proudest moment as a band so far and do you have any advice for emerging artists entering the industry now?

Proudest moment(s) is touring with bands we respect and listen to.

Advice for emerging artists is become self sufficient, don't do touring/recording/writing/rehearsing at the same time as well as trying to hold down a job etc. Set realistic goals.

Are you working on any new music and if so, can we expect some surprises on your upcoming tour with Majora?

We always sneak in some cheeky ear candy. Normally they're new riffs and ideas we have been working on.

Written by Tomina Vincent


Saturday 14 October - Melbourne, VIC

The Evelyn Hotel

with Rival Fire, Majora, City Halls

Friday 20 October - Adelaide, SA

Enigma Bar

with Rival Fire, Terminal Zero, Twitch

Friday 27 October - Newcastle, NSW

The Small Ballroom

with Majora, Lese Majesty, Ceilings

Saturday 28 October - Sydney, NSW

The Factory Floor

with Majora, Genetics, Lese Majesty

Sunday 29 October - Wollongong, NSW

Rad Bar

with Majora, Swamp Road, Dune Messiah

Friday 3 November - Brisbane, QLD

The Brightside

with Majora, Rival Fire, He Danced Ivy

Saturday 11 November - Maroochydore, QLD

Sol Bar

with Hobo Magic, The Unknowns

Thursday 23 November - Bunbury, WA

Prince of Wales

with Voyager

Friday 24 November - Margaret River, WA

Settler's Tavern

with Voyager

Saturday 25 November - Perth, WA

The Sewing Room

with Voyager, Statues, Yomi Ship

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