Closing Doors - Reside

Artist: Reside

Album: Closing Doors Genre: Pop-punk

Review by Nicole Roberts

Reside have been making a fair bit of noise lately. With their highly lauded ability to take elements of melodic hardcore and punk rock, working them together to create a refreshing take on the two distinct genre's, it's not hard to see why they've been getting so much attention. Luckily for us, their EP Closing Doors is chock full of this genre melding goodness, flowing effortlessly from heavier, more aggressive songs to calmer, more emotionally heavy moments.

'Anyway' is a short, 41 second opener which really doesn't give you a whole lot of an idea of what you're in for. Using spoken word over an atmospheric , dreamy track isn't a new concept, but they really do it well. It feels both effortless and serene, but also gives you the sense that this is the calm before the storm - and that feeling would be right.

'Fidelity' is a good start to the EP. From the opening strains of the guitar to the

familiar sounding vocals, they grab your attention and they keep it. Moving effortlessly into 'Burn' with a seamless transition that carries on from 'Fidelity', they keep the intensity and aggression, with slightly rougher vocals and heavier guitars.

'Late Night Driving' brings the vibe and the energy way back. It's a softer, emotionally driven track that brings the intensity, but in a completely different way to 'Burn'. 'We're Not Monsters Yet' is up next as the boys take us back to that pop-punk sound they do so well, They close the EP out with 'Home', the single from the EP that gave fans a taste of what Closing Doors was going to bring to the table. It's another strong pop-punk/melodic hardcore blend that shows just how polished the boys' sound is.

Closing Doors is an interesting EP. The boys are clearly talented songwriters and musically it sounds tight, it just doesn’t push the limits of the genres as much as I wish it would. That may be a good thing though, as it does allow Reside plenty of room to grow in the future. Closing Doors is a fun release, and an easy listen, so if you like your pop-punk and melodic hardcore blended together effortlessly into one EP, I’d highly recommend picking up Closing Doors.

6.5 out of 10.

Closing Doors is out now.

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