Gig Review: Polaris + Make Way For Man + Daybreak + Vacant Home

Headliner: Polaris

Supports: Make Way For Man, Daybreak & Vacant Home

Venue: The Boston, Perth.

Date: October 28th, 2017

Review + Photography: Andre Avila (Redwood Visions)

It's nights like these that demonstrate Perth's diverse metal music scene. Sydney metalcore outfit Polaris concluded their 'The Remedy Australian Tour' at The Boston before their upcoming departure to Europe for the 'Never Say Die!' tour. From across Perth's vibrant metal scene were supports from progressive metalcore band: Make way For Man, deathcore heavyweights: Daybreak, and melodic hardcore 5-piece: Vacant Home.

Opening the night off was Perth's Vacant Home, and started their set with an unexpected cover of "Hey Ya" by OutKast, a creative melodic hardcore rendition of the song. They then progressed through their beautiful debut release: Reflect, Respond with: "Heirloom" – the final track off their EP, yet worked wonderfully as a beginning track. The Boston's sound system is not the clearest that Perth venues have to offer, making it difficult for smaller bands like Vacant Home, however, they made the most of what they were given and absolutely killed it. Each member sounded great, frontman Callum McGivern was on-point as per usual – his harsh, hardcore vocal style was excellent and cut through the mix cleanly, along with guitarist and clean vocalist Jeremy Street, who also sounded fantastic. His delicate vocal style and melodic guitar licks were superb. The band progressed into the title-track "Reflect, Respond", where Callum jumped into the pit with the crowd, giving plenty of mic-grabs with incredible energy. Vacant Home finished their set with "Shiver" – Callum still in the pit, ending with incredible intensity. A brilliant opening set for the night.

To increase the heaviness tenfold, Daybreak took the stage. They had a bit of a technical problem in the beginning – building up into their first track resulting in silence. However, with even more anticipation, they gave it another shot and stormed right into the bone-crushing "Lost Sentience" off their new EP Death Dreams. Heavy is an understatement for Daybreak, anyone who has witness a live act from this 5-piece would understand the pure havoc they produce. It's a monumental experience. They chugged their way through the rest of their EP with such highlights as "The Possessor" where vocalist Shaun Cox gave plenty of keen audience-members mic grabs, and he even jumped in the moshpit with crowd. Shaun's performance is embodiment of insane brutality through remarkable stage presence and gut-wrenching gutturals that are invigorating to hear live. Guitarists Brodie Wilson and Blake Pearce also gave great performances, never letting any energy subside as they destroyed their way through terrifying breakdowns and ominous atmospheres. Even with Blake's voice gone from sickness, they still soldiered on with Shaun filling in his more melodic vocal sections during tracks like "Death Dreams", and even got Jaime Halls of Polaris onstage for his feature in their final track "Repulse", that incited masses of crowd-surfing and violent moshpits. There is no doubt that Daybreak is going be massive, this band has incredible potential, fulfilling a niche in the Perth music that heavy-audiences are craving.

Changing things up, Perth progressive metalcore outfit Make Way For Man took the stage starting the night off with the title-track "Evolve and Repair" from their 2016 EP. The band's two vocalists: Sean Hendry and John Kelly were phenomenal at both their clean and unclean vocals – creating such a full, layered sound that was mixed exceptionally well. Both Sean and John had incredible stage presence; dancing and head-banging their way through a very energetic set. The crowd seemed to die off slightly at the beginning of their set, a noticeable gap between the band and the audience was present for the first two songs until diving into their 2015 single: "Limitless", where the crowd moved in for some serious moshing and dancing. Tracks like the hard-hitting "The Other Side Of Fear", with massive, progressive 8-string breakdowns that generated intense amounts of energy. The band ended their set with "The End Is Up To Me", where the entire floor was off their feet in elation to the band's ultra-tight progressive madness. Ending on that intense 8-string breakdown from Drew Shepherd – concluding their set on an absolute bang.

At last, through massive anticipation, Polaris took the stage and drove head first into "The Remedy" from their upcoming album The Mortal Coil. The guitar intro was met by waves of excitement – going from zero to a hundred in a matter of seconds: moshing and jumping was instantaneous, sparking up a constant flow of crowd-surfers. The intensity of the night increased exponentially until the very last second of the show as frontman Jaime started colossal circle-pits and walls of death. His energy was other-worldly, even after six consecutive shows, he seemed unbelievably lively, with incredible stage presence that resonated profoundly with the audience. The band jumped into tracks like "L'Appel Du Vide" and "Unfamiliar" off their 2016 EP The Guilt and The Grief. Unfortunately their bassist Jake Steinhauser lost his voice, which gave plenty of room for mic-grabs from keen audience-members, as well as plenty of sing alongs to the band's melodic vocal highlights. The band even teased two new songs off their upcoming album: "Frailty" and "Lucid", and even without Jake's vocals, the band amazed everyone with their new repertoire – in full confidence, their new album is going to be hard-hitting metalcore gold. Polaris also performed "Consume" a recent single that continued to showcase their new sounds. Guitarists: Rick Schneiderand and Ryan Siew absolutely shredded the night away. Their guitar tones were fantastic, and mixed perfectly with the rest of the band. Jaime continued to destroy the venue, working up a circle pit the size of the floor and a wall of death that shook everyone to the core. He even joined the crowd on the floor giving plenty of mic grabs before coming to the end of the set. As the lights went out, they stormed back into an encore of "Hold You Under", with intensity that multiplied to about 400%. 'The Remedy Australian Tour' came to a tremendous conclusion, leaving everyone with great anticipation for Polaris's upcoming release: The Mortal Coil.

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