Kismet - The Omnific

Artist: The Omnific

Album: Kismet

Genre: Progressive Experminental

Release date: 24 November 2017

Review by Nicole Roberts

As soon as I saw that this band was made up of two bass players and a drummer only, I was in. Described as progressive experimental, it's a ballsy and interesting move to attempt to create music in such a notoriously technical and complex genre with just a rhythm section. Luckily, The Omnific have the quality musicianship, songwriting chops and straight up creativity to pull it off.

The opener 'Proem' was definitely not what I was expecting, but it was a pleasant, and very fun, surprise. The track is a great example of prog/funk excellence and straight away had me hooked and keen to hear what was next.

'Objets de Vertu' follows, and with it comesa strong Animals As Leaders vibe. The pure fact that they're able to create such a mixture of tones and textures with so few instruments is impressive, and they do it so well and effortlessly. At times there are hints of a haunting, atmospheric quality, giving the track an almost Opeth inspired feel.

'Bugbear' is up next, as Kismet continues to flow effortlessly from stellar track to stellar track. The combination of atmospheric melodies, chiming accents and deep, mellow bass licks creates a simultaneously purposeful yet dreamy dynamic that lets the track meander along in it's beauty, yet still ensures it ultimately ends up having a purpose.

Title track 'Kismet' comes next, and this one is probably my favourite. Slightly heavier, it follows the same formula The Omnific have perfected, yet brings the djenty goodness. The track has so many mood changes, going from heavy to atmospheric and whimsical without batting an eyelid.

'Condemned' was a bit of a hard right turn for the album at first, but as you settle into the song, you can feel how uplifting and warm the track feels, similar to Chon. 'Ersatz' brings the djent back, as well as the heavy. The interplay between the drums and bass on this is tight, and the track is just downright catchy with a rhythm that'll get your fingers tappin'.

Kismet closes wit 'Sonorous Pt.2', a track more in line with the vibe they created with 'Objets de Vertu'. It's a good ending to the album, and I feel that it does sum up the album quite well. It acts almost as a conclusion to an essay, taking all of the solid points the band have made with the rest of the tracks and tying it together with a defining statement of who the band are and what they've set out to do with Kismet.

One thing is for certain with Kismet - if you ever believed the stigma that drums and bass guitars were purely for rhythm and couldn't be musically and tonally diverse instruments capable of creative complex and beautiful pieces of music together, this album will wipe that notion clean out of your head. Kismet is an impressive display of knowing how to write intriguing music that utilises each instrument to it's fullest capabilities, without adding anything excessive or taking away anything important. It's a good listen, and if you're after some progressive-experimental-djent music, this is one release you should check out.

8 out of 10.

Kismet is out November 24. You can grab it here.

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