Interview: Dracman of Darkcell

Thanks for taking the time to chat to us Jesse! How has 2017 treated Darkcell so far?

The year has been action packed as always is the case in our world. We set out to achieve and progress with touring, recording and keeping an active presence. It’s a relentless work ethic that we enjoy and live for.

Tell us a little bit about how the band came together. Did you always have an idea of the sound and aesthetics you wanted to adopt or was it something that just came to be over time?

The band evolved from a previous idea to create our own style of industrial rock and make it fun. It’s been an evolution and a constant work in progress as we love hook and groove and making memorable catchy and loud as hell music that people can lose their minds to and escape. I love songs that you can sing along to, and not really into self indulgent music. I feel like we’ve done ok so far and always challenge ourselves to create and enjoy.

You've toured quite extensively this year, with your own 'Show me the money' tour, and the just completed tour as a support act for Motionless In White, how did the shows go?

The shows were killer. All of them. I think any show you walk away and feel was a waste is a slap in the face to the people who made the effort to see you in the first place. Playing our own shows has been an awesome achievement that we can proud of, and getting to tour with one of our favourite bands was a dream. Making new fans and watching the quality of our own shows improve and grow is exciting!

Your latest single 'Hail to the Freaks' received quite a lot of attention online with the film clip hitting nearly 80.000 views on YouTube. Was it a standalone single, or a part of a larger release you're working on?

The clip was a step up for us, working with Red Boss and making a hell of a clip that captures where we’re at right now. It was a lot of fun to make and the results of many happy viewers puts a smile on our dial.

There’s always something bigger ahead so stay tuned.

You've just announced a mini-festival called Psycho Circus. Tell us a little bit about the idea behind the event and how it all came together.

Psycho Circus is our first ever themed event that we aim to make annual for the future. It’s an event showcasing great bands and such a groovy array of local talent, and us to bring the smack down to the party! Add to this some freaky performers and friends and we have one hell of a party. We’ve always wanted to do something like this, and while ambitious, will hopefully create a platform for people of all walks of culture to come together and have a good time. And yes, it’s KISS inspired and I have no problems with that haha.

A lot of your artwork is inspired by comic book imagery. Is there a particular comic that inspires you?

We appreciate great art and I’m just a geek for comic imagery and gore, so this bleeds into what we do. Art and music are symbiotic and when done right, create a harmonious explosion of awesomeness wouldn’t you agree? I actually have been writing my own comic lately, inspired by our song “Toxic Mutant Hero.” That song was a tribute to my love of the comic world, so this is the next phase.

Darkcell are one of a very few shock rock/goth bands in the country, do you find it to be a niche genre in Australia?

It’s very niche, and while there’s a few, we’ve strived to be the total package. We are definitely not one of the cool bands in Oz that media focus on, and we’re good with that, cause we make our own noise and don’t need to conform to the trends that come and go.

You have toured the USA a couple of times, what was that like for the band and are you planning to go overseas in the near future?

I’d say educational and life changing. It was an experience to see how one could push in another country and cemented why we do what we do and make the noise we make.

What was the most memorable show you've played so far in your career?

It’s hard to pick just one, but the first Soundwave show in Brisbane was one that will always make me proud. To step on a world stage to your home audience and show the big bands that you can just as good a punch and have your hometown behind you was special. Then, Phil(Pantera, Superjoint, Down) chased us down and hugged us cause he thought we were badass.

As a vocalist, what's your favourite track to perform live?

Any of our songs, cause it’s a buzz to play our music to an audience that wants to party with us.

What's next for Darkcell? Is there any new music on the horizon?

New music, more touring. One can never be complacent and content. My mind won’t allow it and we get itchy and hungry to do more all the time. It’s a good problem to have.

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Written by Tomina Vincent

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