Gig Review: Wintersun + Orpheus Omega + Claim The Throne

Headliner: Wintersun

Supports: Orpheus Omega + Claim The Throne

Venue: The Brightside, Brisbane

Date: November 4th, 2017

Wintersun are a band I’ve been dying to see live and I’m beyond excited to catch them tonight. The first thing that comes to mind as I make my way inside is that the first act already has a huge crowd. Openers Claim The Throne play to a packed out Brightside, that is also unbearably hot. I can only imagine what the headline crowd is going to be like at this point. Claim The Throne deliver a refreshing take on classic metal, and they do it very well. There are elements of almost every branch of the metal genre, from classic to death and black metal, and even a touch of symphonic. The use of female backing vocals brings a lot of colour to their overall sound and I’m instantly intrigued. They’re heavy, super tight and very catchy - the perfect party starter.

Next up are Orpheus Omega. These guys have been making waves in the heavy music scene for years, with the last couple taking them around the country supporting international heavyweights Lacuna Coil, Insomnium, Trivium, Eluveitie, Soilwork, just to name a few. The lights dim and a cinematic intro opens their set. They start with their backs to the crowd and there’s an awesome dramatic quality to that that I loved. They are in fine form tonight. Combining melodic death and extreme metal, the band is captivating and extremely entertaining. They’re having a great time up on stage and the crowd gets into it. If there’s one thing I know about metal heads it’s that they don’t like to be told what to do, but Orpheus Omega have full control of the room and by track 3, people are head banging, raising their fists up in the air, chanting, clapping along, and even starting a mosh pit on command. The keytar is swinging, the guitar solos are flowing, the wall of death happens and the party is in full swing. By the end of the set, the audience is loud and rowdy and they don’t want them to leave. A phenomenal band I can’t wait to see again.

It’s time for the main event. From the moment Wintersun come on stage, the audience is deafeningly loud and that’s the case for the remainder of the show. The band looks relaxed and they make their technicality look easy as each member seamlessly plays their instrument like it’s nothing, their fingers a blur. Vocalist Jarl Maenpaa’s gaze is firmly focused on the crowd from start to finish and he gives them everything. Bringing to life tracks spanning their entire catalogue with a focus on their latest release The Forest Seasons, the band delivers fan favourites and new tracks much to the appreciation of the crowd, who seem to know every word. At times the sway of the human mass is almost trance-like and the singalongs so loud they eclipse the band. Wintersun’s energy is dizzying and their precision incredibly impressive. One is instantly aware they are in the presence of one of the greats. The music is beautifully transporting and it’s easy to switch off and exist in their world for an hour and a half. An astounding performance I was sad to see the end of.

A night celebrating all things metal was had on November 4th. A blistering hot, but utterly enjoyable evening spent with three world-class bands. Come back soon, Wintersun!

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