1755 - Moonspell

Artist: Moonspell

Album: 1755

Genre: Gothic Metal

Review by Tomina Vincent

Moonspell’s latest effort, 1755, is an astounding record. Being ambitious is one thing, but pulling it off is an entirely different thing altogether. To say Moonspell pulled it off is a gross understatement.

1755 is a journey to another world. The symphonic elements, blistering guitar work and effortlessly heavy vocals create a brand of metal that is simultaneously modern and timeless. The band utilises a variety of instruments – strings, bongos, and a full choir. The album is produced by Tue Madsen, known for his work with colossal metal acts such as Meshuggah, The Haunted, Dark Tranquility and Dir En Grey, and the production is truly flawless.

This album represents the year of horror where a giant earthquake wrecked the bands home town of Lisbon, and is entirely sung in Portuguese (the lyrics are also provided in English). But despite using an entirely new language to tell their story, the music speaks for itself and paints a picture of darkness and grandeur that is extremely easy to get lost into.

Every song feels like a new beginning, and has a cinematic quality difficult to tear away from. Coming across as a symphonic metal opera of huge proportions, 1755 has an almost Wagner-esque quality to it, a sense of opulence and drama that is somewhat characteristic to Moonspell, but never before explored to this degree. This record can easily be described as the band’s magnum opus.

1755 is a monstrous record – a beautifully cinematic, all consuming sonic experience. An utterly brilliant release from one of metal’s most prolific and beloved bands.

10 out of 10.

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