Vestigial - Lo!

Artist: Lo!

Album: Vestigial

Genre: Metal

Review by Steve Jenkins

If you follow the Aussie metal scene then you've surely heard of Lo! and you've got some idea of what to expect from this exceptional band. Whether it's their pummeling drums, meaty hooks, thick bass lines or straight up ferocious riffs, to say they're intense is an understatement. Their newest album, Vestigial, is a testament to how special and how far this talented band have come.

There are some slower moments on this album, so it's not all full-on and rampaging from start to finish, with some nice spaced out breaths of air making it easier to listen to. There are plenty of references to human destruction of the planet and living things, with the human race destroying the planet. There are some nice and almost calmer moments on the album with tracks such as "Bestial Beginnings" that provide a more simplistic approach backed by some well placed atmospheric sounds. The pace slightly increases, but it never gets to that desired explosive stage, almost teasing you, saving your ears from total devastation and explosion.

Most of the action on Vestigial is super heavy and fast-paced, with standout track "Glutton" assaulting the senses with a pounding riff accompanied by vocalist Sam Dillon aggressively roaring about humans obsession with technology and humans ignoring the reality surrounding us. Towards the bridge there is a transition from that perfectly toned bass to an excellent almost soaring but menacing guitar line, which then ride the air currents to their final crushing destination. "Locust Christ" is almost a punk/thrash song, blasting through its 1:38 run time barely allowing time to breathe. Somehow it contains a quick moment of reprieve right before regaining momentum and continuing to pound your eardrums into dust.

In addition to the musical consistency the production is much more powerful and the clarity has been improved without sounding over-polished and over-produced. Lo! continue to improve and the overall quality of their music has reached an all time high with this album, it's tight and really impressive instrumentally. The flow of the album and track placement is extremely well done, making this a very satisfying listen.

7.5 out of 10.

Listen to the track "Glutton" below:

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