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The Omnific are one of the most exciting and impressive progressive experimental bands in Australia right now. Featuring 2 bassists and a drummer, The Omnific has gained a wide audience with their unique compositions and style. Racking up thousands and thousands of views on YouTube, this young and talented band are quickly rising and gaining a following that is getting them plenty of notice in the heavy music world. Their 2nd EP Kismet is due to drop on the 24th November 2017, so prepare to be blown away by this lilting, groovy 3-piece that exudes style and proficiency. We caught up with bassist Matthew Fackrell to speak about the new EP, what it's like being in a non-traditional band and plenty more.

So how's everything been going for you guys lately? You just released a new music video, has the response been good for that so far?

Yeah it's really good, the reception behind the single, we weren't expecting how well it did, so I was so stoked with how that went and we're very confident with how the rest of the EP is going. We've got another single coming out very shortly, and then a week after that the EP will be dropping, so we're very excited about that.

The format of the band is very interesting. Having two bass players and a drummer is an interesting one, how did you guys decide that's how you wanted to go with the band?

It kind of just happened. I met Toby and I demo'd one of my other bands tracks with him and we were just fiddling around because he's our other bass player and we're just jamming together and it kind of turned out to be really interesting, just to have someone you can throw ideas back and forth with. So, we kind of just wrote a track together and it turned out quite nice and people seemed to dig it when we uploaded the video, so we thought we might as well make a band out of this. It's just gone from there.

Your new EP, titled Kismit, will be out November 24th, how was the recording process for that one?

Well we started to demo the track late last year, so 2016, and this is the first time that we've written with our drummer as well because the first EP was written before he was a part of the band. So this time was much more of a three person input. Then we started recording around June this year, we recorded it at our bass player Toby's house and then we mixed it with a good mate of ours, then it was mastered by a guy called Ermin Hamidovic who's done Periphery and Animals As Leaders, so he was definitely the man to go to. We also had someone come in and do synth parts which kind of pieced it all together rather nicely.

This is your second EP as you mentioned earlier, how would you say you've differed as a band since that?

Definitely adding the drum writing has helped a lot. Also, when we did the first EP we were still kind of trying to figure out what sort of sound we were after because it hadn't really been done before. So we established that with the first EP and now with this one we've just pushed it even further, so we know what we wanted it to sound like and then we just wrote around that. I think we've made a much nicer product which is really good.

What do you guys have planned for 2018? This year is almost over and the EP is going to be out soon, but do you guys plan on doing any tours perhaps?

We don't have too much planned when it comes to tours, we'd love to do more shows but we've found that Australia is a really hard market to tap into with this kind of genre. So we definitely would love to try something internationally where I think we have more of a chance of playing to a wider audience. A lot of fans who have also been commenting on the video are all international people who want us to play over there, but Australia doesn't seem to be where it's at right now. But getting overseas is also very hard when you live so far away also. We'll see what happens.

What's it like playing live with two bass players and a drummer compared to your typical band lineup?

It works out, we've figured out how to make it sound not to clashy as you'd expect it to sound, we're still tweaking and off the EP we have to change parts sometimes so it doesn't clash like it would when you're recording. When you're playing live you can't really edit out those sounds that work well together, so we're still working out every single part that we need to work on but it's getting there and I think we'll have it sounding really good very soon hopefully.

In regards to playing in typical bands compared to this one, it's so much different. when we played our first show myself and Toby were both extremely nervous because we'd never played solos or leads before and that's pretty much what the whole entire set is. It's a much different feel and experience when you're playing because everyone can hear what you're doing instead of just being in the background.

Is it a case of you'd rather be on a mixed bill instead of an all instrumental show so that you guys can standout and be considered different to the rest of the bands playing?

Yeah, I mean we've played a show with I built the sky who's also instrumental and because they're guitar driven it does sound a lot different. But we've also played mixed bill stuff and it's it feels like a completely different vibe compared to a lot of metal bands. But pretty much whatever lineup comes, we'll be happy to play.

What inspirations would you list for the band, do you all have different tastes and bands that you like to listen to?

We all kind of come from that metal background and we all play in metal bands still, and we did before this band. But the inspiration and vibe for this band is definitely Animals As Leaders, obviously they've got the two guitars and we've got the two bass guitars so it's kind of like the other way around. Then a lot of Periphery and Plini, those are the ones with very tasteful guitar leads that we can kind of figure out different ways to do on bass.

Did you have any words for listeners of your music about what to expect perhaps from the new EP?

I guess just to expect a more embellished sound, it's a lot more interesting than the first EP, so I hope everyone will enjoy it and thanks for the support as always.

Kismit is out November 24th. Pre-order now from their Bandcamp.

Written by Steve Jenkins

Check out the official video for the track "Objets de Vertu" below:

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