The Still Waters Of Oblivion - Aetherial

Artist: Aetherial

Album: The Still Waters Of Oblivion

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Review by Steve Jenkins

Australian melodic death metal outfit, Aetherial, have been around the Melbourne metal scene for a few years now, bringing forth a style of music that is brutally fierce, crushing and relentless. Their debut album, The Still Waters Of Oblivion is nothing short of dark and devastating in terms of sound, Combining elements of melodic death and traditional metal, formidable vocals, intense guitar riffs and epic harmonies which define this brutal act as a serious top contender for extreme music in Australia.

The Still Waters Of Oblivion is full of melodic death metal characterized by a modern guitar sound punctuated and fast paced tempos. The album was recorded entirely by vocalist Shep and bass player Cass over a two year period, and you can tell that they made sure every minor detail was perfected before unleashing this monster record to the world. Sheppard mainly employs a shout style vocal that dominates right throughout the album, delivering some lower growls here and there that mixes things up a bit.

The heavy, aggressive rhythm is definitely something that stands out and hits you right in the face and of course, the melodic guitars which provide a catchier, more memorable feel to the music. The heavier riffs similar to that of a straight up death metal band are also well done. This keeps the music at an acceptable level of aggressiveness without going over-the-top. Aetherial balance out the heavy and melodic parts very well, which should please listeners when they hear this album. Standout tracks include "Back To The Earth" which was a haunting and slow intro before bursting into total devastation, with pounding riffs and barbaric vocals. "Three Poisons" is my personal favourite, as it embodies everything that's great about this album, the level of intensity is at an all time high on this track and includes absolutely ferocious growls, pummeling drumming, thunderous bass and smash-mouth guitars, this is perfection.

The Still Waters Of Oblivion definitely satisfies my need for this particular genre of music. Infectious melodic guitars, top notch vocal efforts, superb song writing, groove, this album has everything one would want from a band still on the rise. Definitely an impressive album that you should check out as soon as these guys and girl deserve WAY more attention.

9 out of 10.

Find them on their Official Website, Facebook and Bandcamp.

Listen to the track "The Fallen Will Mark The Way" below:

The Still Waters Of Oblivion is out now via Truth Inc Records.

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