No Compromises - Dreamers Crime

Artist: Dreamers Crime

Album: No Compromises

Genre: Heavy Rock/Metal

Release Date: November 17th, 2017

Review by Steve Jenkins

Sydney five-piece, Dreamers Crime are bringing a new sound to the heavy rock universe. It's refreshing, vibrant, dynamic and powerful. with meaningful lyrics and instrumentation that packs a punch.

Their new album, No Compromises, is an ambitious effort that pays off in the end, due to being super polished and cinematic, their sound stays true from start to finish and will definitely open doors for this talented young band.

Something that stands out on No Compromises is the bands ability to skip through genres and styles like a drunk DJ at a wedding, and it’s fantastic. One moment you're listening to arena rock that you could easily imagine seeing Dreamers Crime playing to thousands of people, opening up for Foo Fighters and winning over punters. Next thing, you're listening to smash-mouth style metal that intensifies in both sound and aggression, but it never becomes inaccessible.

Frontman, Peter Repousis' crooning voice is beautifully layered over the music, his vocal range and ability shining on No Compromises as he shows crushing emotion mixed with gritty hard rock passion.

Lead single "I Believe In You" is seemingly intended to bring in fans from a more pop orientated angle. The song itself is a banger; the fact that it has a radio friendly vibe as well as something more accessible for those testing the waters of the heavy music genre, it does not make it any less of a great jam.

The music shows progression for the future of this band and a great mentality towards their sound, which is really all anyone can ask for of any group on the up-rise. They seem to understand where they are going and what works well in their favour.

Dreamers Crime have created an album that will be sure to captivate both the hearts and ears of those who hear it. Get used to seeing this bands name more and more, because what they've crafted with No Compromises is truly something special and exciting.

8.5 out of 10.

Check out the official music video for "Here We Are" below:

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