Show Us Ya Tees: Ben Roberts of Hollow World

If you're a metalhead then chances are you've got a wardrobe full of black t-shirts featuring the artwork and designs of some of your favourite bands that you love to listen to. We all have a particular shirt that you always go to, you've probably worn it countless times at the live shows you attend, drenched in beer and sweat, but still surviving. They might represent a special memory, a chronicle in your life, or just something that represents the music you love. They are the shirts that you can't wait to wear again after they've been washed and dried, so you can wear it with pride as soon as you can. Band tees are simply the uniform for those that are super passionate about music. For this edition, Ben Roberts from Melbourne's melodic death metal act, Hollow World, shares his favourite band tees with us.

I bought this tee when we opened for Fallujah at The Workers Club early this year. It was one of my favourite shows we've ever played and the new Fallujah album "Dreamless" is up there with my favourite albums of the last year. I decided I HAD to buy a tee and walked over to the merch desk to see one of the best prints I've seen on a tee in a long time, bought it, chopped the sides off it, now I wear it almost every show we play.

Splatterpuss, the name alone is worthy of owning the tee. The fact that the beast on the front on it has three tits is a bonus! We had "The 'Puss" on a few shows for our album tour earlier this year and they were great dudes and insanely heavy. The longsleeve they had available was one of the coolest looking bits of merch, and I hold out for the weather to be cold enough so I have an excuse to wear this baby as often as possible. Tipping it'll be in tatters by next winter.

In Flames have been one of my favourite bands for as long as I can remember. I've had stacks if their tees over the years - but when they put this design up online for a special "preorder only exclusive" I jumped on it. The 8-Bit Mario Bros homage is the best! They even shaped the 1up mushroom into an 8-Bit Jesterhead! I hardly ever wear this one because I want it to last forever, especially given it can't be replaced.

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