Gig Review: Voyager + Osaka Punch + Statues + Yomi Ship @ The Sewing Room, Perth

Headliner: Voyager

Support Acts: Osaka Punch, Statues and Yomi Ship

Venue: The Sewing Room

Date: Saturday 25th November 2017

All images by André Avila

Upon finalising their tour, progressive metal masters, Voyager, put on a roaring set alongside the extraordinary genre-defying Osaka Punch in Perth's stylish new venue: The Sewing Room. Backed up by two solid local acts: the chaotic hardcore outfit Statues, and the progressive psychedelic instrumental band, Yomi Ship.

First up on the night: the mind-melting mix of progressive-psychedelic-ambient-goodness, Yomi Ship. This 3-piece instrumental outfit has been performing back to back ever since the recent release of their self-titled EP, and are taking their astonishingly unique sound across the Perth music scene. The band commenced their set with "The Hidden Room Of Tenome", a mesmerising, echoing, reverb-filled intro, inticed every audience member to crowd the stage before jumping into a darker shoegaze-like section, and further transitioning into a grooving psychedelic repetition that was enthralling to hear live. Lead guitarist: Jarred Osborne, armed with an array of effects-pedals, crafts a captivating soundscape that juxtaposes the ecstatic, ultra-tight drumming from his brother, Nick Osborne, and held together perfectly by very talented 17-year-old bass player: Jade Champion. Their set featured the ethereal two-part journey: "Passage to Yomi, Pt. 1 and Pt. 2", where each member demonstrated incredible technical proficiency, as well as a dynamic versatility in both their sound and style. The band also performed a new repertoire, showcasing some enchanting sounds from "Moth vs Pluto" and "Djinn", which will no doubt be terrific additions to Yomi Ship's recordings. The band ended their set with "Long Man" – the closing song from their EP; another mesmerising journey progressing through ebbs and flows of beautiful ambient soundscapes, to enthralling psychedelic rock verses. A perfect warm-up set from a fantastic band, expect to see big things from Yomi Ship.

Going from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds, hardcore outfit: Statues took the stage to turn the tides for a set of pure mayhem. Blasting right into the first track "Collapse" from their latest album, No Grave, No Burial, the atmosphere filled with hard-hitting dissonant chords from guitarists: Scott Kay and John Overthrow, and garish screams from vocalist Alex Shom. Alex's screaming was on point, it sounded brutal and clearly cut through the mix. He also had incredible stage presence, jumping into the pit first song in, giving a wildly energetic performance. Alex's energy was matched by the other members, as they jumped and headbanged through their set, with an excellent use of the space. Even guitarists, Scott and John, stormed through the venue with their wireless axes. The band played earlier songs from their discography such as "Foreseeing the Cloud and Not the Rain" from their 2015 LP Together We're Alone, which sparked plenty of moshpits through their captivating set. The mixing was great, the guitars sounded raw and gritty, highlighting the striking dissonance and brutal breakdowns. The drums from Matt Unkovich were superb and equally chaotic, matched with a driving bass from Matthew Templeman. Statues ended their set with "Abide", most of the band's members were on the floor with the audience having an absolute blast – Scott even jumped onto the speaker right before concluding their set with a brutal dissonant breakdown. Every audience member couldn't help but bang their heads to this band's heavy conclusion to an on-point set.

Osaka Punch took the stage to a huge crowd and everyone was keen to experience the extraordinary sound that this band had to offer. The band started their set with the funky track "Eat Red Carpet" from their 2012 album Voodoo Love Machine, which commenced with some stylish choreography from frontman, Jack Muzak, paired with a groovy bassline from Brenton Page. Osaka Punch's sound is remarkably unique, and incorporates many comedic elements into their style. They accurately describe themselves as Karnivool meets Maroon 5. Their blend of 'brutal pop music' provided for an incredibly entertaining live performance and captivated everyone in the venue, as the band gave something for everyone to enjoy: whether it be metal, pop, or jazz, it's difficult not to appreciate Osaka Punch's niche sound. The band mastered their tone changes, moving from jazzy chord progressions, electronic pop synths and funky bass licks, to driving prog metal chugs that sounded truly badass. It was satisfying to hear how seamless these tone changes were. Osaka Punch has pioneered an extraordinary sound, unlike any other band that exists today. The band then moved to the rock and roll, jazz, prog-fusion of "Served With Mustard". Jack sang with such precision, dancing and moving stylishly, with remarkable stage presence and plenty of comedic intervals between songs, adding to the pure entertainment that was Osaka Punch.

Finally, it was time for the progressive metal masters to take the stage back in their hometown. Voyager began their set with "Ascension", the beautifully, ambient intro pierced through the venue with excellent mixing, captivating a huge elated audience. The progressive metal riff kicked into action as the night took off: arms went up, audience members jumping and heads were banging. Guitarists Simone Dow and Scott Kay were both technically talented musicians, showcasing intricate progressive guitar licks. matched with awesome-sounding guitar tones. Mixed brilliantly, with Alex Canion on bass and Ashley Doodkorte on drums – also both highly talented musicians. Frontman, Daniel Estrin, was outstanding. His epic vocals were powerful, as expected, yet demonstrating immense visceral energy from start to finish. Tracks like "Misery Is Only Company", "To The Riverside" and "Ghost Mile" were perfect examples where Voyager demonstrated their incredible musicianship, and the audience was captivated by the pure epic live show from start to finish. Even with songs filled with samples and atmospheres, these elements still shone through the layers of progressive complexity, adding to an already mesmerising performance. Daniel picked up his iconic keyboard for some thrilling solo-shred highlights. The prog masters also included plenty of older tracks such as "Hyperventilating" from their 2014 release V, and "Lost", from their 2009 album I Am the Revolution – they even did a progressive metal cover of "Darude Sandstorm", which was met with slight disbelief, followed by Daniel stating "Yep, this is happening". Voyager came to a roaring conclusion, finishing on "I Am the Revolution", maintaining 100% of their stage presence and energy.

A fantastic conclusion to their tour, Voyager and Osaka Punch put on a captivating show in Perth's brand new venue, The Sewing Room, and were backed up by fantastic supports from Statues and Yomi Ship.

All images by André Avila @ Redwood Visions

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