Self-Titled - Primitive

Artist: Primitive

Album: Self-Titled

Genre: Groove Metal/Heavy Metal

Review by Samantha Wolstenholme

After bursting on to the scene two years ago, Melbourne groove metallers Primitive have now set the bar high with their debut offering, the self-titled EP. Since its release, the EP has already been met with resoundingly rave reviews, spurring the band on to feature in a series of successful recent shows alongside established acts such as Hybrid Nightmares and Valhalore. All in all, Primitive seem poised to take things to the next level, and this is evident in their EP.

Opener “Carved in Stone” immediately sets the scene for what to expect throughout the four-track EP, taking off like a bullet fired from a shotgun with a relentless yet melodic triplet-based guitar riff accompanied by solid, driving drums. Crushing harsh vocals are then added to the mix, coming in like a tonne of bricks and completing the sonic assault. A melodious guitar solo at the end of the track breaks up the raw riffage like a beacon of light. The overall effect is cathartic and immersive, without sounding overdone.

The satisfying combination of groovy guitar riffs and driving drums continues in “A Thousand Faces”, which is probably the standout track of the EP with its marked featuring of a powerful, anthemic chorus that will definitely get stuck in your head. This track showcases refined, stylish songwriting with an edge of swagger and attitude strongly reminiscent of genre pioneers Pantera.

“Black Blood” follows on cohesively from “A Thousand Faces”, with the guitars and vocals asserting their dominance and ferocity and imbuing the track with a defiant, almost Metallica-esque thrashy vibe. Lengthy guitar solos and breakdown sections abound, building the tension towards the EP’s final and title track, “Primitive (Scriptures Burning)”. Also their longest track at over seven minutes in length, “Primitive (Scriptures Burning)” ties together the EP’s stylistic and compositional threads nicely in a strong and satisfying conclusion.

With its stellar production, intelligent songwriting and overall cohesiveness, Primitive’s self-titled debut release sets the standard for very promising and exciting things to come from this young but remarkably talented band. They stand out as a fantastic new addition to the rich tapestry of Australian metal, and this EP is a testament to that fact.

9 out of 10.

A Thousand Faces is out now.

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