Show Us Ya Tees: Joshua Taafe of Aversions Crown

If you're a metalhead then chances are you've got a wardrobe full of black t-shirts featuring the artwork and designs of some of your favourite bands that you love to listen to. We all have a particular shirt that you always go to, you've probably worn it countless times at the live shows you attend, drenched in beer and sweat, but still surviving. They might represent a special memory, a chronicle in your life, or just something that represents the music you love. They are the shirts that you can't wait to wear again after they've been washed and dried, so you can wear it with pride as soon as you can. Band tees are simply the uniform for those that are super passionate about music. For this edition, Joshua Taafe, bass player from Brisbane technical death metal masters Aversions Crown shares his favourite band tees with us.

CODE ORANGE: I’ve been listening to Code Orange for a little while but wasn’t sold on the hype at first until I caught a few shows on their Australia tour and was blown to pieces by how heavy & confronting their set was.

We played a fest with them in the US last week, first time I got to see them with the 3 guitars, all synths live and it was even more psycho than before. The new reality is a real thing.

LEGIONS: One of, if not THE best hardcore band out of Sydney from the last few years. Sick as hell riffs, sick as hell lyrical content and a legit live show.

Although they don’t play much these days, when they do play it’s seriously special and I love every set I get to see them play.

BROKEN: Broken are a hardcore band out of Melbourne, one of the big rigs that still represent Melbourne Hardcore after a few others have dropped off the scene a little.

I like this shirt because Gladz did it and everything he does is bad ass.

VATICAN: Super cool straight edge metalcore band from the US. This shirt is sick because it’s just basic and to the point. No real crazy design, just all you need to know.

BLOODBATHER: Bloodbather are a SICK metalcore band out of Broward County, Florida. They played a Florida show on our first US tour we did and I was instantly a fan, became good friends with a few members on the night and are still friends to this day. This shirt is obviously an MCR rip and anyone who knows me at all knows I love MCR so combining the 2, I had to have this shirt!

DAYLIGHT: The OG’s will know them as Daylight but the later fans know them as Superheaven. I love ‘Jar’ as an album so I had to have this shirt in any colour.

It just so happens that me and my girlfriend LOVE forest green so everything worked out perfecto for this one.

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