Gig Review: A Very Heavy Christmas Ft. A Breach Of Silence + Guests @ The Brightside

Headliner: A Breach Of Silence

Supports: SETMEONFIRE + Massic + Ivorylane

Venue: The Brightside, Brisbane

Review: Tomina Vincent

Everyone is wrapping up for the year, and as a whole, this is a fairly quiet Saturday night for Fortitude Valley. I head in to check out A Very Heavy Christmas at one of my favourite places, and tonight is just another great night at The Brightside.

Doors open and shortly thereafter the show is underway. It was very difficult to hear who was doing what, but openers Ivorylane were full of energy and had fun on stage. A small but enthusiastic crowd was there to greet them. Delivering an interesting take on what’s best described as post-punk, this band was a worthy opener and an act to watch for fans of post-hardcore and punk alike.

Massic take the stage next for what is the most energetic and impressive set tonight. They’re the kind of band that gives 110% regardless of who’s watching them, and their pure love and passion for what they do is obvious and infectious. They put on a fierce and confident show and there’s real emotion behind the tunes, which is why they translate so well live. A phenomenal frontman, backed by a super tight band. Massic are an act to watch.

Next up Sydney’s Setmeonfire Completely surprise me with a very different vibe, and admittedly at this point in the night hearing a clean vocal is very refreshing, and seeing a synth on stage got me instantly intrigued. This band’s sound is difficult to pin point, and that makes them very exciting. There are moments where they sound like The Smith Street Band, then Linkin Park, then Northlane or even Rival Fire. As a whole, they’re just very unique. The emotive delivery of their fantastic vocalist elevates their set even further and I’m left wanting more at the end of the show.

It’s time for the main event and A Breach Of Silence bring a calm and collected vibe to wrap up the night. The regrettably small crowd is a very enthusiastic one however, and the band deliver a very impressive set. They sound fantastic and their tunes are quite varied - there’s something for everyone. The band vet into the festive spirit and have a ball on stage, their energy translating to the audience and making for super fun experience.

All in all, A Very Heavy Christmas was just that - Heavy, festive, and tonnes of fun. A night of music I was lucky to witness.

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