Show Us Ya Tees: Josh Lording of Boris The Blade

If you're a metalhead then chances are you've got a wardrobe full of black t-shirts featuring the artwork and designs of some of your favourite bands that you love to listen to. We all have a particular shirt that you always go to, you've probably worn it countless times at the live shows you attend, drenched in beer and sweat, but still surviving. They might represent a special memory, a chronicle in your life, or just something that represents the music you love. They are the shirts that you can't wait to wear again after they've been washed and dried, so you can wear it with pride as soon as you can. Band tees are simply the uniform for those that are super passionate about music. For this edition, Josh Lording, guitar player of Melbourne's most most vicious and brutal deathcore band Boris The Blade shares his favourite band tees with us.

I picked this shirt up off a mate im pretty sure. I was obsessed with Beheaded's album Omnious Bloodline back in the day. Pretty sure the album came out back in 2005 and it led to me getting into a lot of heavier music, which helped me discover some of my favourite bands. Brutal band, sick shirt.

Im pretty sure i got this Aborted shirt from smoke dreams or one of those shops back in the day. I was a massive Psycroptic fan and I found out Dave Haley had tracked drums on Aborted's album Slaughter & Apparatus which made me discover them. I would've bought this back in 2008 when the Strychnine.213 album was released. Aborted only get better and better.

Signal The Firing Squad. Brutal bunch of legends and good mates of ours. I got this back in 2011 when my band went up to the sunshine coast to record our first EP at RTD studios. Our engineer Matt Shorter had previously recorded their albums and was good friends with them. We ended up organising a BBQ with STFS and a few of the Thy Art boys and I raided their merch and took this hoodie. Bargain.

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