Underworld - Tonight Alive

Artist: Tonight Alive

Album: Underworld

Genre: Pop Punk/Rock

Label: UNFD

Release Date: January 12th, 2018

Review by Tomina Vincent

Tonight Alive Have been riding high for almost a decade – delivering some of the most impressive and memorable alternative rock to ever come out of Australia. Sitting down with ‘Underworld’ today is extremely exciting, and my excitement was most certainly rewarded, and then some.

Underworld is a little different for Tonight Alive. The overall sound isn’t necessarily new for the band, but there is a depth and darkness to this record that is of a different nature. The album feels honest and genuinely personal, exploring universal themes like love, friendship, self-doubt, failure and success, obstacles and the journey of overcoming them. By track 5, I am convinced that everyone can see a fraction of themselves represented here, and that makes this album one of those incredibly rare cherries in the dust – a body of work that provokes a beautifully human connection.

Sonically, Underworld is intriguing, full of contrast and held together with the perfect balance of memorable melodies and emotive delivery of both vocals and instrumentation. Clear standouts like "The Other", "Crack My Heart" and "My Underworld" (ft. Corey Taylor) hold an enormity that is somehow cinematic and it feels like such songs belong on the soundtrack of a superhero movie. Jenna McDougal is flawless and soars above a tight and deliciously mixed rhythm section, accompanied by roaring rhythm guitars and clever lead. This is pop rock of the finest quality.

I have never before been stopped in my tracks by Tonight Alive, but this album completely engulfed me and left me inspired and elated. A spellbinding record by one of Australia, and the world’s finest.

10 out of 10.

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