Gig Review: Stick To Your Guns + Being As An Ocean + Guests @ The Triffid, Brisbane

Headliner: Stick To Your Guns

Supports: Being As An Ocean + Hindsight + UNI/VS

Venue: The Triffid, Brisbane

Review: Tomina Vincent

Photography: Brandon Shields (Facebook)

Its an unusually cool summer night in Brisbane, and I’m excited to get my heavy on as I make my way into the Triffid. To say I was pleasantly surprised by how the night unfolded is a gross understatement. Here is how it all went down.

We walk in to a blistering set by UNI/VS. The band is tight and is having fun, and the initially placid crowd gets moving shortly after they take the stage. Their live sound is impressive, and they make for a worthy opener with their brand of catchy and accessible post-hardcore. The band seems a little fatigued, but they have a great show and I can’t wait to see more from them soon.

Second up are Hindsight from Adelaide. The energy in the room lifts straight away and it becomes quickly apparent to me that this band mean what they play with every fibre of their being. The sprawling guitars and rhythm section create a soothing and melancholy backdrop, in front of which the excruciatingly emotive vocals can shine. The band has many quiet and intimate moments with their fans and they truly give everything. It’s evident that Hindsight just love what they do, and they are an absolute pleasure to watch.

Being as an Ocean take the stage next and the enormity of their presence is immediately felt. Vocalist Joel Quartuccio spends ample time in the crowd for this set and his passion and sheer joy is infectious. This is a band with the calm and confidence of many years of performing and best of all, they absolutely love being on stage. A flood of emotions can overcome anyone watching them, as they move seamlessly through the set without letting up for a second. Their sound is massively concentrated and smooth, complimented perfectly by an impeccable live mix. Finishing up, Quatuccio Invites us to leave our trouble in the mosh pit and the energy released from the crowd in that very moment is almost thick in the air. A phenomenal set filled with real emotions and outstanding tunes.

After what was ultimately a very unusually soothing set from Being As An Ocean, Stick To Your Guns come on stage full force and the next hour is pure, primal hardcore bliss. By the second minute of the set, the mosh pit starts moving, the crowd is rowdy and loving every minute. Every single punter is singing along, and the party is in full force. At this point in the night it’s incredible how much raw energy is being thrown at us from stage, and luckily the below capacity crowd is the perfect preface to an almost venue-wide mosh pit that ensues at around song 2 and is a constant for the remainder of the set. Every single member of STYG is a delight to watch and puts on the show of a lifetime at every corner of the stage. In between songs, vocalist Jesse Barnett takes the time to turn standard stage banter into a serious tool to talk about the power of music, our need to listen more and talk less, and being there for one another as we tackle all the challenges humanity is faced with today. His words rang true and hit home for many in the crowd as they cheered him on. By the end of the show, everyone is exhausted, but everyone is smiling.

Every single band delivered a tremendous show tonight, and I don’t believe I’ve ever had a more fun or inspiring Wednesday night in recent years. A world-class gathering of some of the world’s best.

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