Show Us Ya Tees: Nick Whiting of Walk With Kings

If you're a metalhead then chances are you've got a wardrobe full of black t-shirts featuring the artwork and designs of some of your favourite bands that you love to listen to. We all have a particular shirt that you always go to, you've probably worn it countless times at the live shows you attend, drenched in beer and sweat, but still surviving. They might represent a special memory, a chronicle in your life, or just something that represents the music you love. They are the shirts that you can't wait to wear again after they've been washed and dried, so you can wear it with pride as soon as you can. Band tees are simply the uniform for those that are super passionate about music. For this edition, Nick Whiting, lead guitarist of Wollongong metal act Walk With Kings, shares with us his favourite band tees.

"As far back as I can remember I’ve worn band shirts. My first was an iron on transfer of VENOM back in about 1983 (I was 5), since then many shirts have come and gone, even though I hung onto them until they were basically held together with a few threads. Fast forward 35 years & my “go to” dress code hasn’t changed except for the band’s that have lived in my wardrobe. Some of the shirts that I have at the moment are: (in no particular order)

SEPULTURA - Arise. I’ve been a longtime fan of Max and all his ventures so this shirt is just a rad design and a band that I’ve listened to for many years.

LAMB OF GOD - This one is a long sleeve and it’s seen some daylight. I’m a big fan of LOG so of course I’ve got the shirts and it’s another awesome image.

METALLICA - What metal shirt collection doesn’t include at least one Metallica shirt? This one is a bit special because it’s a button up long sleeve of the “And Justice For All” variety. It actually doesn’t fit anymore but I can’t throw it out!

WALK WITH KINGS - A little bit bias when it comes to this one for obvious reasons but it’s a cool shirt which I designed so to see my band on a shirt is a pretty rad thing. (They’re for sale too if you’re interested haha). In general I think wearing band shirts is a totally metal thing to do and I’ll probably still be doing it at 80!

Check out the bands newest single and official music video below:

You can catch Walk With Kings at their next show on Friday the 23rd of February @ Dicey Riley's Hotel, Wollongong.

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