Out of My Eyes Release Debut Album

French metalcore outfit Out Of My Eyes have dropped their debut album Concept, available via Imminence Records.

"We have worked very hard on that record and we hope you will love it as much as we do! We've also worked on a brand new merch line for the release. It's gonna be a big year for Out Of My Eyes so keep an eye on us to make sure you don't miss anything!” says guitarist Harry Maisonneuve. "This album is the achievement of all our work: it represents 'us', we really went to the bottom of our ideas, whether it’s punchy riffs, electro ambiences or the 'party' side of some of our songs. Producing it in its entirety has been a lot more intuitive than I expected, it was our music, I knew exactly where I was going and the whole band trusted be on the result we’d obtain! We hope you’ll enjoy the result as much as we do," adds Harry.

You can grab the album here.


1. 404 2. Hello 3. Renegade 4. OG Gold 5. Pigs Never Die 6. Addictions (Turfu) 7. Ritual 8. Anubis 9. Imperfections 10. Snowflake 11. Disappeared

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