EP Review: Witches - The Black Swamp

Artist: The Black Swamp

Album: Witches EP

Genre: Sludge/Heavy Metal

Release date: February 1st 2018

Review by Nicole Roberts

Brisbane sludge masters The Black Swamp may have a new singer, but you can bet they've still got the same badass, heavy sound fans have come to know.

The EP starts out strong with 'Headless'. From the very beginning, you know you're in for a heavy, sludgey, rifftastic good time. The intoxicatingly husky vocals of singer Luke Hosking (Azreal) sucks you in and promises to not be gentle as he leads you in a slow descent to hell....in the best way possible, of course. The track is gritty and ballsy, with driving, steady guitars that leave you wanting even more.

From 'Headless' we smoothly move into 'Event Horizon'. The track does a great job of showcasing the guitar stylings of duo Grant Scott and Jesse Kenny. I have to say, the pair work well together, intertwining their parts effortlessly. 'Event Horizon' is more whiskey soaked, metal goodness, as drummer Brendan Woodley and bassist Rohan Downs keep the song driving forwards.

'1487ce' is up next, and it acts as a bit of a palate cleanser. The chilled out, instrumental track comes in at around 1 minute, and was a bit of a surprise, if I'm being honest. Going from the groove laden metal of the first two tracks, to something that would fit perfectly on any progressive instrumental album. It's refreshing though, and clears your head before you get back into the rest of the EP.

The title track wraps up the album, giving us some more of those lovely, gravely Hosking vocals (seriously, does that guy eat a spoonful of gravel every morning for breakfast?). It's a solid end to the EP, and it was a smart decision to end the album with it. It was truly a pity to have the EP end so quickly.

I bloody love a cohesive album, that flows so effortlessly from track to track, while making sure each song has it's own distinctive flavour. While Witches is unfortunately only 4 tracks long, it manages to pack a punch (and a kick in the crotch) in a very short amount of time. If you want a short, not-so-sweet EP to bang your head to, I'd definitely recommend picking up a copy of Witches.

7 out of 10 stars

Witches is available February 1st.

Check out the track "Event Horizon" below:


The Witches And Wolves Tour 2018

Supports Announced!


Friday, Feb 9: The Zoo, Brisbane

w/ Massic & Elephant

Saturday, Feb 10: Murphy’s Hotel, Maryborough

w/ Massic, Elephant, Chaosphere & God Hunter

Friday, Feb 16: The Waterfront, Moruya

w/ Clarity of Chaos

Saturday, Feb 17: Frankies Pizza, Sydney

w/ Sumeru

Friday, Feb 23: The Basement, Canberra

w/ Deprivation & Maris King

Saturday, Feb 24: The Vault, Newcastle

w/ Evocatus, Odysseus Reborn & Enviktas

Friday, March 16: Bar Open, Melbourne

w/ Cryptic Abyss & Rick Grimm’s Illa Turba

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