Album Review: Posthuman - Harm's Way

Artist: Harm's Way

Album: Posthuman

Genre: Hardcore

Release Date: February 9th, 2017

Review by Steve Jenkins

Harm's Way are a force among the metallic hardcore community with their blistering sound and unforgettable, energetic live shows. With a strong message behind their music to back them, this Chicago five piece have sent shock-waves through the hardcore music scene, with four (including Posthuman) devastating albums. Known for writing about struggle, personal growth and self-awareness, which would leave a lasting impression upon any listener, and with the super buff James Pligge (vocalist) screaming in your face, you better take notice.

Posthuman is certainly another crushing effort that Harm's Way can add to their catalogue, they definitely stay true to their sound and song-writing. If you're already a fan, then I guess the best way to describe the album would be as a blend of Isolation (2011) and Rust (2015), but it's sonically way more insane and intense. To put it simply, it's fucking heavy and in-your-face with aggression, just the way good hardcore should be, right?

There's also another familiar sound on Posthuman, but it's not the band, it's the production. Will Putney of Graphic Nature Audio lays down his trademark skills on this album and it gives things a very modern and clean sound. With sheer brute force, mixed in with industrial and almost atmospheric moments, Posthuman sounds top notch blaring through the speakers. With tracks like the opener "Human Carrying Capacity" right through to the closer "Dead Space" it's just so good to hear a hardcore album that makes you want to destroy everything.

This album has no room for time wasting, it's straight to the point and not subtle at all. Harm's Way demand your attention and if you don't give it to them you'll cop a fist to the face or a kick to the head in the pit. It's not genre defying, but it doesn't have to be, everything you need in hardcore is right here on Posthuman. Crushing, intense, heavy, violent, these are all words that describe Harm's Way and they bloody own it.

8.5 out of 10

Posthuman is available February 9th via Metal Blade Records.

Check out the track "Human Carrying Capacity" below:

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