Album Review: The Pale Hollow - Wraith

Artist: Wraith

Album: The Pale Hollow

Genre: Heavy metal

Review by Nick Whiting

The opener "Abysmal" is a 59 second intro, a warning of what’s to come. Setting the pace and tenderizing the ear drums with grinding guitars, precise beats and slashing vocals. Next up we have "Contention Brutally" which has layered guitars and balanced vocals bouncing between demonic growls and blood curdling screams, this track leaves you feeling like you’ve just walked through a murder scene.

"Society Discord" is another attack on the senses with battering drums and almost unhinged guitar parts that instantly get the head moving. "A Choir of Agony" feels more like round 4 of a severely unmatched cage fight, unrelenting rhythmic riffage and very cool drum patterns.

Watch the official video for "Contention":

The vocals continue to flow seamlessly from growls to screams while the bass and drums bludgeon your insides. "Vestige" is a slightly more relaxed feel as it starts but you can’t help but feel like you’re about to get sucker punched while it builds and then falls drawing you into a false sense of security before slowly dissecting you. The final track. "Euthanizer" comes in for the kill with brutal riffs and speedy drums. A multi-angled attack as the screams team up with the guitars to pulverize you.

Overall. Wraith have put together a great mix of songs on The Pale Hollow, taking you on a journey through a dark and at some points frightening musical landscape. I thoroughly enjoyed all 6 tracks and found it difficult to find any low point. Well done guys, keep up the good work!

9 out of 10

The Pale Hollow is available now here.

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