Gig Review: The Black Swamp + Flaming Wreckage @ The Zoo, Brisbane

Heading into the Zoo on a 35-degree Friday night, I’m bracing for a hot and sweaty show with some of Australia’s masters of heavy grooves and dirty rock. As doors open, there are a fair few punters already here, ready to kick off the night. Here’s how it all went down.

First up are Sydney’s Elephant. They blast into their set with 100% energy and the night is off to a blistering start. They’re heavy, gutsy and execute their brand of modern metal with confidence and flare. It’s impossible not to move. The combination of thrash and death metal is a lot of fun and the band is impressively tight and entertaining. The hair is flying, and the crowd is having a great time. We are treated to half an hour of non-stop brutality, divided into 2-minute segments (or less), and I loved every second of it.

Next up are Flaming Wreckage. While they bring a more calm and collected vibe to the night, Flaming Wreckage deliver a solid set. Their relaxed presence almost doesn’t match he mighty riffs coming at us from stage, and they have an authority the crowd quickly obeys. This band has been around the block a few times, and the ease and professionalism they conduct themselves with is truly a pleasure to watch. Fans of Lamb of God, this may just be your cup of tea.

Drawing close to 10pm, the audience grows in anticipation for Massic. Brisbane’s own groove masters have scored the main support honours tonight, and as expected, they turn up the party to 11. They are in fine form tonight and sport the largest crowd so far. Their grooves are infectious and their presence captivating. Massic are having so much fun on stage, it’s hard to stand still and the crowd is eagerly swaying and head banging along. You know it’s a fun night when the vocalist gets a ride on a fan’s shoulders and then starts their own mosh pit with the audience. A superb and thoroughly enjoyable show.

As the night heats up, it’s time for the headliner. The Black Swamp are the main event tonight, and they prove why as soon as they hit the stage. Sporting a large and impressive stage show, the band cruise through an hour of old and new material, accompanied by a loud and rowdy audience, numerous singalongs and an overall well attended launch. We are given a true rock-and-roll show, and this is one band any rock or metal fan should check out.

Listen to "Event Horizon" by The Black Swamp below:

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