Gig Review: Ne Obliviscaris + Circles + Kaerulean @ The Triffid, Brisbane.

Making my way into the Triffid on Saturday night, my skin and muscles melting off of my bones as I did so, I’m greeted by a full room, bracing in anticipation for what promises to be an incredible night of live music. Come 8pm, we kicked off with a bang.

Kaerulean open the night with a crushingly heavy melodic death metal set, and punters are pleasantly surprised by such a gigantic and entertaining opener. Mixing both classic and modern metal, the band manages to walk the line between heavy and melodic with skill and confidence, and they clearly know what they’re doing and how to work a large stage such as this one. A fantastic band I can’t wait to see more of.

Next up are Melbourne’s Circles - a band I’ve been following for many years, and a band that recently went through some major line-up changes. With guitarist Ben Rechter taking over vocal duties, I was apprehensive as to how their show would change. And while it undoubtedly has, and Circles are emitting a different vibe, their presence and sound is enormous. I can’t stress enough just how clear and well balanced the sound was and how well choreographed their light show. Performing new and old material, including fan favourite "Responses", Circles delivered a great show, thoroughly and loudly enjoyed by their audience.

The Triffid bell goes off and everyone excitedly rushes inside to greet the headliner. Opening their set with a spellbinding violin intro, Ne Obliviscaris made their way onto the stage one by one, much to the crowd’s appreciation. This rowdy welcome was only the beginning of a blistering set, both entertaining and impressive. Fan favourites "Intra Venus" and "Painters of the Tempest" got everyone moving, and the mood in the room was one of absolute and utter love and appreciation for the might and flair of this one of a kind group. Ne Obliviscaris have a lot of fun on stage and the way their show is choreographed makes for an effortlessly elegant and fluent performance, backed by an incredible light show. Each member is a master of their craft, and an absolute pleasure to watch. By the end of this gigantic hour and a half set, punters are leaving slowly, unwillingly, with big smiles on their faces. And that’s what live music is all about. Ne Obliviscaris are truly one of the greats

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