Gig Review: Cattle Decapitation + Psycroptic + Eternal Rest + Amicable Treason @ Woolly Mammoth, Bri

Brisbane is famous for being a little bit quieter when it comes to live music, but this Sunday night, there is a line of punters waiting to see Cattle Decapitation and Psycroptic. And from the moment we enter the venue to the moment we leave, the Woolly Mammoth remains nicely full and the show proceeds to blow our minds. Here are the details.

Amicable Treason open the night to a packed Woolly Mammoth and bring the mood up to 11 instantly. It is no small feat opening for such titanic bands of the genre, but If anyone came here tonight expecting a mild Sunday session, their hopes were undoubtedly shattered by these guys. Hamish McSorley is a formidable frontman - always in control, and incredibly entertaining to watch. He frequently takes a sip of water and sprays it at the audience. And trust me, this time of year in Brisbane, it’s a blessing to be sprayed with cold water, regardless of the method. A great band I recommend to any fans of death metal and its sub genres.

Second up, Brisbane’s own Eternal Rest brought us straight up, balls-to-the-wall fusion of classic death and black metal, and while their sound suffered a little, they worked hard and delivered a great show. By song 3, most of the crowd was converted, and by the end of the set the majority of the room was roaring and headbanging along like they’d known the band for years. They certainly have the power to gain fans and they loved every minute. Great act to watch and one I suggest you keep an eye on.

It's difficult to describe the change in mood as Psycroptic were getting ready to take the stage. The crowd shuffled to the front and tightly packed the venue from corner to corner, and the electricity in the air was almost tangible as the lights dimmed and the iconic death metallers took the stage. What followed was 45 minutes of absolute sonic onslaught. Psycroptic are not only impressive, they are incredibly emotionally engaging. The sound coming from the stage was superb, every single note executed with ease and razor-sharp accuracy. The announcement of every title was met with a roar that shook the floor, and the mosh pit was ongoing throughout the set. There is something transfixing and utterly gripping about these guys, and I have to say this is perhaps the best show I’ve seen so far in 2018.

It was hard to imagine we still had another band to watch after Psycroptic, but Cattle Decapitation took the night into a different realm. An ominous spoken word intro opens their set, and a female voice guides us into a darker atmosphere, where they thrive and become the puppet masters of every single body in the room. Playing a set spanning almost two decades, Cattle Decapitation deliver a confident and incredibly entertaining show that felt way too short to anyone in the audience. The presence of two security guards on stage was annoyingly unnecessary, but everyone had a great time and undoubtedly wished tonight would never end.

A line-up like this comes every once in a while, and reminds me why I love heavy music. There is a togetherness and appreciation for the craft in this room that left with me, and I felt like I was walking away from a colossal event and a moment in time that will forever reverberate in my memory. A truly incredible show.


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