EP Review: Made Wrong - Sanctum & Solace

Artist: Sanctum & Solace

Title: Made Wrong EP

Genre: Hardcore

Release Date: February 23, 2018

Review by Tomina Vincent

Sanctum & Solace are news to me, and that’s the best kind of material for a reviewer to get their hands on. To say I was pleasantly surprised is a gross understatement.

Made Wrong is a heavy listen, both sonically and emotionally. While musically Sanctum & Solace fit well within the frame of post and classic hardcore, their delivery is as rough as it is heartfelt, and there’s something very compelling about the fusion between the instruments and the vocal. Singer Justin Kelly is utterly convincing and painfully vulnerable in his delivery, to the point where he eventually becomes impossible to ignore and reviewing this EP while running errands was no longer doable by the third track. We are thrown into the deep end with some unusual song structure choices and surprising twists, with the occasional catchy melodic sections tastefully spread across the release, retaining its heavy edge. Production wise, Made Wrong is not to my taste, but the sound works perfectly for the genre and compliments the tracks in the right way. It’s obvious a colossal amount of work and love has been put into this, and it works, on every level.

Overall, this is an impressive, confident and completely honest release I urge you to check out. Sanctum & Solace are band undoubtedly on the rise.

8 out of 10

Made Wrong is available February 23rd.

Check out the lyric video for "Slave" below:

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