Album Review: I - I, Valiance

Artist: I, Valiance

Title: I

Genre: Experimental Deathcore

Release Date: March 3rd, 2018

Review by Steve Jenkins

In a genre that's overflowing with hard working, talented bands, you have to have a certain something, like a certain sound or presence, just something special to set yourself apart from the crowd. I, Valiance have that in spades.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting a release from the boys in I, Valiance pretty much since the underground deathcore classic The Reject Of Humanity back in 2015. They went a bit quiet between 2016 and now, with vocalist Mark Poida leaving to join Aversions Crown who were gaining a lot of attention and touring Europe and the States regularly. But the remaining members still let fans know that they were still working on new music, dropping subtle teasers and hints on social media. Now, in 2018, they've finally given us a taste of what's to come, as well as a returning and irreplaceable Mark Poida re-joining the group on vocals. Things couldn't get any better.

I have grown less and less fond of deathcore these days, but this has a stellar vocal performance with respectable and interesting instrumentation throughout that simply can't be overlooked. There's some moments on this 4-track EP that remind me of Mr. Bungle except a whole lot heavier obviously. Maybe it's that circus/carnival theme that accompanies the pure rage and riffage? It's experimental, that's for sure. Poida even raps a few lines in track "I Am Free" before going back to his pulverising vocal style.

This is one of very few releases that I've heard lately from the extreme/deathcore genre that has managed to really impress me. A deathcore band that experiments, and actually manages to pull off those experiments as positive additions to the music? Also, those vocals, absolutely vicious.

I, Valiance are at the top of their very own unique genre, they're different and it fucking works wonders for them. Let's hope they stick around and don't disappear anytime soon, because this is one of the most exciting releases since 2015's The Reject of Humanity. This is some of the most filthy, disgusting, evil electro, forever unclean deathcore this planet has ever seen. Just buy it and listen to it right now!

10 out of 10

I is available March 3rd.

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