Album Review: Self-Titled - Junior Danger

Artist: Junior Danger

Album: Junior Danger

Genre: Rock

Release date: January 19th 2018

Review by Nicole Roberts

Swamp rockers Junior Danger have been gathering a fair bit of steam lately, with their heady combination of sultry, Nick Cave-esque vocals, moody rhythms, and dark, distorted guitar licks. I've often found that their intoxicatingly fuzzy rock is a genuine joy to listen to, which is great news since they’ve recently released their debut full-length album, Junior Danger.

Their sound feels both comfortably familiar yet excitingly new – it caresses your mind and beckons you closer, while maintaining a certain darkness that sends a shiver down your spine. Junior Danger have a certain knack for combining elements of blues and stoner rock, adding their own twist of sludgy goodness to tie it all together.

From the opening track 'Borderline', a slow, driving track introducing folks to the magic that they're about to experience through to 'Aberdeen', which just oozes the swagger and confidence of classic rock, and to album highlight 'In The Meantime', the album will captivate fans. It moves forward at a steady pace, taking it's time in captivating you, and enchanting you.

The album is a strong start from the Brisbane rockers. They've clearly worked hard on their debut album, and their talent and skill shines through beautifully.

7 out of 10.

Junior Danger is available January 19th.

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