Album Review: Evil Upheaval - Depravity

Artist: Depravity

Album: Evil Upheaval

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date: April 30th 2018

Review by Steve Jenkins

Depravity are a 5-piece death metal band from Perth, Western Australia. After releasing a three track EP titled Reign of the Depraved back in 2016, fans have been eagerly awaiting their debut full-length ever since this somewhat of an Aussie Death Metal super-group with over 20 years experience between members. With sheer brutality and a devastating death metal sound that stays true to its roots, Depravity have unleashed hell with this new album.

Evil Upheaval offers up a serving of chaotic song structures and demonic roars with drums being very well executed. There are some absolute mind-bending and uncanny solos as well, like on the brutal track "Insanity Reality" and "Tormented." It's so awesome to hear bands with only a couple of thousand likes on Facebook and a smaller following releasing world class death metal like this. I would even go as far as saying this would compete with the Cannibal Corpse's and the Morbid Angel's of this world.

Listen to the track "Despondency" below:

Depravity have made an album with an incredibly solid run of nine tracks, each slapping you in the face with their evil and hellish sound. The mayhem just doesn’t stop, instead it goes on and on with all of its devastating nature, slicing through your ears and destroying everything in its path. I tried finding something that I didn't like about this album, and I couldn't. The length is perfect, the production is perfect, the musicianship and vocals are perfect. Hell, could this be my favourite release of the year? I might very well be.

Evil Upheaval is a wonderful display of sheer power and rage, with some of the best death metal I've heard come out of Australia in quite some time. Each and every track is just a constant barrage of crushing drums, demonic vocals and outstanding riffs. Bottom line, if you're a death metal fan, you're going to want to hear this as soon as it's released.

10 out of 10

Evil Upheaval is available April 30th via Transcending Obscurity Records. You can grab it here.

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