Hangman Release Hard-Hitting New Single

Sydney four-piece heavy hardcore act, Hangman, have released a new single and music video for "Myoclonus" which is experimental and showcases technicality and passion from this talented band. The concept behind the video was to replicate what myoclonus is, which is experiencing a complete loss of control of the limbs and also causes the muscles to experience spasmodic and jerky contractions, this is why there's lots of unusual and weird glitchy moments in the clip, just in case you were wondering.

Check out the video below:

BIO: Unrestrained, technical and cathartic, with a schizophrenic dual vocal attack and moments of ambient beauty. Combining the technicality of metal with the passion of hardcore, the unrelenting pace and aggression of grind, and an experimental edge, Hangman blend a disparate plethora of styles into a sound all their own. A schizophrenic dual vocal attack, spastic time and tempo changes, off-time grooves, crushing breakdowns, moments of textural ambience, and fist-in-air singalongs are all key components to the unique sound of their debut LP, 'No Ashes In Our Autumn Bloom'.


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