Album Review: In Your Own Sweet Time - The Fratellis

Album: In Your Own Sweet Time

Artist: The Fratellis

Genre: Rock

Release date: March 16th 2018

Review by Nicole Roberts

The Fratellis are a funny band - they're full of catchy, upbeat hooks, toe tapping rhythms, and sing along lyrics, yet they're still somehow quite hit-and-miss with fans. Drawing inevitable comparisons with heavy hitters such as Arctic Monkeys, and with such huge early success' as the now iconic 'Chelsea Dagger', the Scottish trio were always going to have a lot of hurdles to clear whenever they released new music. Thankfully, they haven't let the pressure get to them, and with In Your Own Sweet Time, they've given us another fun, danceable album.

One of the best things about In Your Own Sweet Time is the fact that it takes a step away from the more Americana vibe of Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied, into a much more 1970's pop-meets-rock space that they feel right at home inhabiting. Bands such as The Fratellis who constantly evolve their sound, exploring new musical areas not for album sales, but because that's where they want to artisticly move, are a genuine joy to listen to - you can almost feel the creative energy flow through the music.

There are some great standout tracks on the album, with songs "I've Been Blind", "Starcrossed Losers", and "The Next Time We Wed" definitely sticking out as some personal favourites. As much as there are some absolute crackers on the album, it isn't full of hits, and at times it can get a little same-same. I mean, by no means does it get tedious or boring, it's just got a little of that typical filler in between the killer.

All in all, the album is a solid foray into a new territory for the band, with plenty of fun moments that'll get you moving. While it does have it's less interesting moments, and it isn't much like their earlier, beloved work, it's still an enjoyable listen and worth your time.

6 out of 10

In Your Own Sweet Time is available now.

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