Album Review: Revival - Light The Torch


Album: Revival

Genre: Metal

Review by Steve Jenkins

Ever since Howard Jones quit his position as the frontman and vocalist of Killswitch Engage back in 2012, it's taken a while to find his place and make his mark in a new group setting. Devil You Know was that next big step for creating a big sounding metalcore act, but then they had to change their name due to naming rights and now we have Light The Torch. Another new beginning I guess you could say, so now it's time to dissect their latest album, Revival, and see if it's any good.

Now, Light The Torch can definitely right some pretty damn good metalcore, maybe not as good as KSE, but let's not keep comparing the two. Light The Torch seem to be very much suited to the mainstream audiences that like this style of music, the sort of people the love listening to Five Finger Death Punch, Trivium and Disturbed. But, Light The Torch packs a mean punch and sort of branches off into their own spotlight with their hard-hitting riffs and no frills approach. They've been immediately thrown into major international shows and festivals and the name of Howard Jones is pretty much enough to get any metal fan interested in listening. Revival is a safe record, but it's also a record that's going to gain them major traction and win over many new fans all over the world.

I guess you're either going to be torn when listening to Revival, fans that love breakdowns and more of the harder, tougher style of metalcore will probably pass on this release. This caters more for the radio-friendly, more generic style of metalcore that has that big stadium rock sound. Despite this being the bands second full-length album, it's a bit of a disappointment that they didn't go the other way, as this kind of ends up sounding like your typical hard rock album that will do well on the charts because it's the sort of metal album that will appeal to casual fans. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but I would have loved some dirtier, unpolished, face-melting metalcore that I know they're capable of. You're throwing Light The Torch into the same category as Disturbed, Korn, or even Linkin Park on some moments, so automatically they're up there in terms of that super accessible sound. Tracks like "The God I Deserve" and "Raise The Dead" are songs that you could probably show someone that doesn't really like metal and they'd say it's pretty cool. Howard Jones still has that incredibly powerful voice that is a trademark on its own, that alone is probably the most impressive instrument and tool on this album.

If you want the utter heaviness that you'll get from the previous work of Jones and his bandmates other music project then this might not be for you, but hey, you might end up liking it. Light The Torch have done a great job of completely separating themselves from the metalcore genre and have reached out to get the attention of a perhaps younger, more widespread audience. I wish them all the best, but this album did not speak to me at all.

6 out of 10

Revival is available now.

6 out of 10

Watch the video for "Die Alone" below:

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