Sum Of Us Release New Single, Announce EP

Brisbane's Sum Of Us are gearing up to release their debut EP,with the release of single 'Forrest'. Going hand in hand with a playthrough video that shows off the merits of the individuals in the band, the track is an intro to the band and a lead up to their upcoming EP Sharp Turns in Dark Tunnels.

Made up of members from Osaka Punch, Kodiak Empire and Red In Tooth, Sum Of Us is a project that has clicked from the very beginning. The band worked with Chrispy Town (Osaka Punch) and Joel Myles on the production of the music.

Bryce Carleton, vocalist for Sum of Us, says that "Forrest was written as a means to illustrate the feeling of sitting on the edge of reality; slipping off and attempting to claw your way back to the state of mind you were in prior to that moment. Along the way it touches on the subjects of staying present in mind, while realising personal change is the beauty of evolution and something to be embraced; not feared." 'Forrest' will be available from the band's Bandcamp account from this Friday.

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