Album Review: Messe Noire - Behemoth

Artist: Behemoth Album: Messe Noire Genre: Blackened Death Metal Release Date: April 13th, 2018

Review by Steve Jenkins

For the past 20 years, Polish blackened death overlords, Behemoth, have been busting out stellar albums for the heavy metal community and spreading the word of darkness and evil. With their trademark sound of relentless, chaotic, brooding and sometimes downright scary satanic anthems.

Their 2014 masterpiece, The Satanist, was not only one of their finest albums to date but also their most accessible by a convincing margin. Winning over people that have never heard the mighty Behemoth before, and bringing back listeners who may have believed that they had become somewhat mediocre with their past couple of releases. As we eagerly await their next studio album offering, we have been given a gift that is a live album, titled Messe Noire.

Live albums can quite often be a hit or miss, but if there's any album that you'd want to hear played in full from the impressive catalogue that Behemoth have created, The Satanist is definitely the best choice. It's where Behemoth reached their peak when it comes to songwriting, it has expert musicianship, incredible riffs, haunting atmosphere and the composition is just incredible. This all comes through perfectly on Messe Noire, you can feel the sheer force and dramatic visionary come through just by listening to it, which means they've done one hell of a job with this live record.

Messe Noire is truly something special, and not only is it more than a live album, it's an experience and you can feel the power of the performance right throughout the album. Behemoth are in their very own league when it comes to the blackened death metal sound, and this just proves that with total dominance and flawless delivery. Just like The Satanist, I have to give this a perfect rating, and to be honest, in a lot of ways it comes across even better hearing it performed live.

10 out of 10

Messe Noire is out April 13th via EVP Recordings.

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