Gig Review: The Stranger + Highview + Seraphic + Mercurious + Whisky Grin @ The New Globe Theatre, B

Every time one walks through the doors of the New Globe Theatre is bittersweet. The beloved venue is set to close its doors in a months time, but on Friday night, punters were treated to a stellar lineup and it seemed like any other indie night at the Globe.

First up were Whisky Grim. This young trio certainly has a clear musical identity - fast and gritty rock’n’roll. The band seems a little bit inexperienced but their tunes are catchy and won’t go unnoticed by fans of both classic rock and blues.

Second are newcomers Mercurious. Featuring members of now disbanded Dark Symphonica, alternative rockets Ages of Earth and Valhalore in drummer Lachlan Neate, these guys are a clear standout tonight. Their show is choreographed while remaining organic, and their songs are so different from one another that it’s impossible to assign a particular genre to this band. One of the most exciting new acts on the scene and a thoroughly enjoyable discovery.

Local symphonic metallers, Seraphic, are quite an odd choice for this lineup, but they deliver a solid set. The piano-heavy tunes have a cinematic and transporting quality, and this band features a singer with astounding vocal ability. Seraphic also premiere a new song tonight which promises something quite different for the band and I’m excited to see where their next release takes them. For fans of Epica, Nightwish and Within Temptation.

Canberra’s Highview are in Brisbane as part of a national tour, and given how professional and polished their show is, it was surprising to find that they’re somewhat of a well kept secret in the music community. This is energetic and groovy alternative rock at its finest, and a band that is well rehearsed and incredibly tight. The bombastic rhythm section benefits from a stunning lead guitar and rhythm and vocals are in harmony throughout. Fans of progressive and alternative rock and metal, these guys are for you.

Headlining the night are The Stranger. Despite some issues with the sound tonight, the band delivered a great set with a focus on their debut album. The Stranger know how to work a crowd and they keep punters dancing all the way into midnight. The band’s eclectic blend of folk elements and progressive rock is original and fluid, making for a nice change of pace and mood. If you’re into bands like The Deer Hunter and Caligula’s Horse, The Stranger just might be your new favourite band.

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