Interview: Ben Drennan of Lethal Vendetta

There comes a moment when you just know the timing is just right. The next level is in sight and then it all comes together, you can sense that your moment is now: and that is the case with Lethal Vendetta. Hailing from Sydney Australia and they are ready to stamp their authority on the Metal scene. Lethal Vendetta come armed with the ultimate artillery: A precise and highly effective blend of Thrash, Groove and Traditional Metal which pays homage to the great Metal titans that have come before them. Lethal Vendetta exudes pure energy and power, with dynamic rhythm and melodic riffs, gut wrenching drumming and soaring vocals that hark back to the classic days of metal. Lethal Vendetta they never disappoint, they leave nothing behind. We got to chat with guitarist, Ben Drennan, as we spoke about their brand new debut album, upcoming shows and more.

Hey Ben, how's everything going? Pretty busy times for yourself and the band I imagine?

Yeah, plenty happening mate. Got a few shows coming up, we've actually got our first show down in Wollongong this Saturday night, it's on at Dicey Riley's, so yeah there's a lot of stuff to be excited about and lots happening.

Congrats on your latest single "Deserve To Die", it's an absolute ripper, how's the feedback been for both of your new singles so far?

It's been pretty good, there's a bit of a contrast of styles there between both tracks, "Liars Dice" is a bit more faster paced and thrashy I guess you could say and "Deserve To Die" is a little bit more of a groove style, but yeah the feedback has been really good.

As a new listener, I love what I've heard so far from you guys, has this debut album been a long time in the making?

Yeah it has been, for probably the last 18 months or 2 years we've been focusing quite narrowly on live shows and we've been playing gigs quite a lot so that we can refine our songs and get comfortable in that sort of aspect. But yeah, obviously with the tracking, the mixing and the mastering and getting these CD's pressed, album artwork sorted, a lot goes on and it's very involved, but well worth it.

You're also supporting German thrash metal legends, Destruction, later this month, that must be looking forward to that?

Oh look, absolutely! They're a fantastic band and being their last show of the tour in Sydney at Manning Bar on a Saturday night, I think it should definitely be a good night for everyone in attendance and everyone involved.

You've got a quite a few shows coming up actually, including a couple of mini-fest type shows in NSW and interstate. Are there any particular bands, big or small, that you'd like to go out on the road with?

Everybody eventually, you know, there's numerous international acts that we'd love to play with, but we really enjoy the local scene and there's some terrific bands out there. Shows like Legions Of Steel in Melbourne is going to be insane, lots of awesome bands playing that one, you get a lot of really good bands coming together from all over Australia on the day and it's just a lot of fun. There's a good amount of friendly rivalry between the bands but it's in good spirit and we all just try and put on the best show possible on that day. We really look forward to these sort of live shows.

What about personally, any major act that jumps out that you'd love to support one day?

Probably for myself it would be a toss up between Megadeth and Testament. I reckon Megadeth would be awesome, they seem to still play a lot of shows. Nobody would argue with Metallica or Iron Maiden, but it's pretty rare that they ever have a support band on their massive tours these days.

When did you start playing music and what made you decide that you want to be in a thrash metal band?

I started playing guitar in my early teenage years, when I was about 13 or 14 I decided that the trumpet wasn't as exciting as playing guitar. I started off playing hard rock like AC/DC and stuff like that, then graduated into heavy metal and it's been pretty much metal ever since then.

Back to the new album, "No Prisoners No Mercy", were there any challenges or obstacles that you guys faced and had to overcome during the recording?

Oh yeah definitely, we went for an old school approach, analog style where we weren't using a click track so we could actually start recording each song from start to finish which obviously took quite a few takes for certain songs to get everything sort of right. That in itself is a challenging way to do it, but the reason that we did it that way was because we were trying to catch a more live vibe and energy through the recording of the album. It's a lot easier to record the riff once or twice and just cut and paste it and then boom, it's all done. The old school style of recording is tricky, but it is very rewarding to get the sound that we set out to achieve.

What are you plans for the future and where do you hope to take Lethal Vendetta?

Look obviously we'd like to get out to a lot of regional towns and cities, interstate, all over the place so that people can hear more of us. We want to tour all over Australia at some stage, and ideally we'd love to head over to Japan and Europe, do some overseas shows when the time is right. We've got a few things in the pipeline at the moment, but at the moment we'll just keep our feet on planet earth and get in some good live shows in Australia, keep pushing the new album and then start working later on in the year towards our next album and get things under way.

Written by Steve Jenkins

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