Album Review: The Spark That Moves - Cancer Bats

Artist: Cancer Bats

Album: The Spark That Moves

Genre: Hardcore Metal

Release Date: 20 April 2018 Review by Steve Jenkins

Canadian hardcore punk rockers, Cancer Bats, surprised everyone on 4/20 with an unexpected sixth studio album release with no warning, no lead up singles and no teasers. In true Cancer Bats fashion, the album hits you straight in the face just like the unexpectedness of this new album.

Much like their previous 5 releases, it's raw, it's dirty, and it's fun to listen to, They've combined many, if not all of the elements from their last 5 albums, and with a total of 11 killer new tracks that make up the album, you also get to hear some of their most melodic moments mixed with their most aggressive. Cancer Bats are a savage grocery list of genres, with hardcore, punk, sludge, and metal that always leaves the listener satisfied, but also makes you hungry for more. At the end of the day, if you're a Cancer Bats fan then you're sure to be pleased with what they've done on The Spark That Moves, with a bit more progression, some refreshing and impressive vocal variety from Liam Cormier, and a bit more melody sprinkled throughout. Standout tracks include opener "Gatekeeper", "Brightest Day" and the metal induced and riff heavy "Heads Will Roll".

The Spark That Moves is essentially a best of when it comes Cancer Bats party anthems that seamlessly showcase their catchy, anthemic, metal and punk rock chaos. Considering we didn't even see this album coming, it's definitely a positive release for the band that only reminds us how important they are to the hardcore music scene. Cancer Bats have definitely not lost their spark.

8.5 out of 10

The Spark That Moves is available April 20th via Bat Skull Records.


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