Interview: Brett Bamberger of Revocation

Thrashing their way from humble beginnings in Boston, Massachusetts, the mighty Revocation will be once again hitting up our shores and bringing their trademark high energy and party vibes that will have crowds all over Australia moshing like crazy. With face-melting solos, double bass galore and unrelenting vocals, this absolute powerhouse and technical machine know as Revocation show no mercy when it comes to their live performances. With six incredible studio albums and non-stop touring, Revocation are for sure one of the most dynamic and exciting thrash metal bands to come out of the woodwork in the past decade. We were lucky enough to chat with Brett Bamberger (bass) before they make their way over to Australia for a bunch of shows including Direct Underground Fest which features Ihsahn, Belphagor and many more.

It's almost time for Revocation to return to Australia and New Zealand, are you guys excited about coming back after just over a year now it's been?

Yeah, we are very, very grateful and fortunate to be able to do that and to be able to get over there so much now, obviously we can't thank the fans enough for the demand to have us back, but also the guys that keep bringing us back, Dave Haley and the Psycroptic boys, we can't say enough nice things about them. So it's a pleasurable experience right across the board and we are very grateful to be so tight with those guys.

You've gained a very strong following here in Australia, it's so great to see you guys coming to Australia more regularly now, I'm assuming the partnership with Direct Touring is going quite well?

Yeah, totally! I love Dave and those guys, not only do I respect him as an artist but as a businessman and a person. I love working with him and if it works for him to have us come over there, I know there's a lot of overhead and he takes a risk with it, I just can't thank him enough really. The partnership is going really well.

Revocation are representing the thrash metal genre for this tour, there's lots of extreme metal and blackened metal on the bill, do you guys enjoy playing mixed lineups that include different sub genres of metal?

Yeah, absolutely, it's like the beauty of the band, we've always been able to sort of tailor our set to whatever tour that we are doing at the time. If it needs to be more brutal then we've got some pretty brutal stuff we can play, if it needs to be faster then that's no problem either, cause we've got fast stuff to. I guess it was a move that we used to do back in the day a lot more, now I think we feel like we've kind of, not really established, but we're just kind of comfortable playing what we want to, and it's not like we have to go out there and win everybody over, because people might know who we are so maybe we can play exactly what we want to play and play whatever the best representation of the band rather than try to accommodate towards the audience.

You've recently announced on the Revocation Facebook page that tracking is done for your next record which is super exciting, can you tell us anything about that yet?

Yeah, what do you wanna know?

Is there a new single dropping soon, perhaps an album title? Whatever you can reveal basically.

Well, we just spoke about what the marketing plan is going to be, so I have all of that info but that I can't tell you that. The album title I know, but I also can't tell you. Song names I know, but I can't tell you those either. But what I can tell you is that it's material that we are all really proud of, we all worked really hard on it, Dave and Dan worked their asses off on the song structures for these songs and they really challenged Ash and myself to come in and do pre-pro demos after pre-pro and work so hard, and then we finally get together in a room and work out more of the arrangements and finalise all of that stuff. Then once we get in the studio we just work on all of the final tweaks, we're really hyped on this record and I feel like the band keeps getting more proficient because we're all working hard and practicing hard and studying, there's not a day that goes by where we aren't geeking out. I can't wait for this record to come out.

Me neither, and you guys are probably the most consistent band that I know of when it comes to releasing quality material that's for sure.

A lot goes into it dude, it's not just us going "Ok cool, we've gotta record a new album now because our contract is almost up and let's go do it." We always sit down and really think about what we're going to do next and how we're going to do it. Dave's always working on a concept, and Dan is always writing songs and trashing songs and then coming back with more until he's happy with what he's put down. Then I've got to figure out how beserk the bass playing needs to be and with Ash I don't think there isn't one drumbeat that isn't played on this new records man. I'm very excited for people to hear it.

For those that are going to be seeing Revocation live while you're here, what are the chances that they'll be able to hear a new track?

Uhh, well I can't really disclose that information yet. If they are anticipating that and they don't get a new track then I can guarantee that we're going to come back and headline off this record cycle once the new album comes out, that's 100%. We spoke a little bit about setlists the other day and we are playing some stuff we've never played before, especially some older stuff which we're all really excited to do. It's definitely some heavy stuff that we're bringing over, I'm pumped up.

Awesome! Having been to Australia a few times now, has there been a standout performance or a certain experience that you remember quite well?

Oh man, (laughs) I was drinking so many beers back then for those tours. I remember always having a good time in Melbourne, I always had a good time anywhere I went in Australia, that's what I remember most about it. The shows are always hype, the people are always animals at the performances and they're super nice to you before and after the performances. The good times always flow whenever we are there and I love the people and the culture in Australia, everyone is just so friendly and we've made some really close friends there. I love that you guys are just so amped up when it comes to having a good time. I remember when we got there the very first time and we had just finished up a really long two month tour in Europe and then we went to South East Asia and China for week or so and then we got dropped off in Australia, I remember looking out my window the next morning and it was just like a dusty road with a BP gas station, I feel like I'm in fucking Texas, I'm like this is underwhelming, and then started checking out some places and really getting to meet people and I realised this place is awesome, it's one of a kind.

What do you think of Aussie beer by the way?

Australian beer, oh man, I remember this cloudy stuff that I was drinking, I'm trying to think of the name.

Coopers Pale Ale?

Oh yeah, I drank so much of that stuff I may have turned into an actual bottle of it by the end of the tour. I had some good stuff here and there, but beer is beer to me.

How does it feel to be certainly what I would say one of the most acclaimed metal bands and also one of the main reasons that modern thrash metal was brought back to its feet so to speak?

Is that your opinion? (laughs)

Mine and many others (laughs) you surely must have heard that before?

Um, we're so close to it that I can't really comment on that, it's certainly nice to hear it don't get me wrong, but it's a bit too close to home for me to go on about I think.

Very well then, well that's just about all I had mate, so before you go do you have any words for all of your Aussie fans before you say goodbye?

Yeah man, totally, I just want to thank everyone for the continued support and we can't wait to come back there and headline, we certainly can't wait to get back there this time around. We did add a few shows, we've got some sideshows in Brisbane and Sydney with our good friends Psycroptic, they are at The Crowbar and Frankie's Pizza so those are sure to be insane. We can't wait to see everyone and to say what's up to all of our fans once again, it's going to be great.

Written by Steve Jenkins


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