Interview: Dani Filth of Cradle Of Filth

Cradle of Filth have finally landed in Australia this week as part of their world tour. I was lucky enough to chat with the vampiric dark angel of a lead singer of the band, Daniel Davey, better known by his stage name - Dani Filth. He had just checked in to a hotel in Sydney, but we’re not going to let you know which one, however we do have some news straight from his mortifying mouth fresh from the devils depths ready for us to take in.

Have you done much in Australia since you’ve been here?

We’ve just been to the harbour, done a bit of sightseeing, and went out for a meal, I’m just trying to get over the jetlag really. We’ve been all over the place, we’ve been out on the road since mid-January. But we’re going to see some koalas soon. I know it’s a bit un-rock ‘n’ roll… but I am going to get as much sleep as humanly possible while I can too.

Well you’ve got a new lyric video for the song ‘Achingly Beautiful‘. What made you decide on doing a lyric video rather than another cinematic music video for that one?

It’s a record company thing. And a budgetary thing as well. It’s something that every band does nowadays. There was the intention to shoot a second video, but we literally ran out of time. We were going back to Latvia where we shot the first one to do that, but the hectic touring schedule made it impossible to do so… We may get to it another time, but who knows. We obviously spent a lot of money on the music video for Heartbreak & Séance as well… we probably could have done 2 videos for the price of one, but we wanted to do something really special rather than two half assed affairs with that.

Well both the videos are fantastic still anyway! Do you have a favourite song off the new album Cryptoriana?

I would have said Achingly Beautiful, but that would be underlined by You Will Know The Lion by Its Claw which we play live. Both songs are just pretty full on and great to play. Achingly Beautiful has this big gothic melodramatic middle section. It was going to be on a previous album, I had written the lyrics for it but it was a little undeveloped. I was really into the idea of revisiting it and reworking it for the new album, and I think it fits better on this record than the last one anyway.

Do you have any more planned upcoming collaborations on the horizon?

Well we did collaborate with Liv Kristine again on Vengeful Spirit on this album. It really depends on what direction we want the next album to go in and we are busy, but also being out on the road gives us ideas, the embryonic ideas for tracks and direction. We need to do what we did for the last record. Have some time off and then meet somewhere with the intention of starting the writing process. The writing process is so prolific, we come together and collaborate all of our ideas. That’s the plan.

Why aren’t you playing in Adelaide on this tour?

Unfortunately that’s out of the bands hands. If it were up to us we’d play a lot more places. For example, as a part of the world tour we went to America and Canada which is an eight week tour, pushing to 9 weeks, we only actually did 20 shows, as opposed to what we would usually do, thirty five or thirty six. We also have to fit into a one world alliance air ticket. We have to join the dots, we have to play certain places, and they’re set in stone. We’re disappointed, but that’s how it is.

Who are the support acts for your tour?

I don’t know actually, because as far as I know they haven’t been announced. I know they’re all Australian bands, but for some reason they’ve decided to keep it secret until the last minute. I know it’s a different band in every location. I think it’s a band called Earth Rot in Perth.

Are you still gonna be playing some of the older tracks on this tour?

Absolutely, when you have such a vast back catalogue it’s very difficult to pick a set list, we play for an hour and forty five minutes, so we play some old stuff, new stuff, fan favourites and band favourites, a bit of everything.

How often do you wear your contact lenses?

Just every day we play a gig.

What changes in the equipment and the recording process were there for the new album?

It’s an extension of Hammer of the Witches, we used the same studio and producer, and I know the guitarists are using different pedals. I’m the singer so I don’t know the exact details *Laughs*. A lot of the stuff was played continuously so we got a really live feel. Rather than do tiny bit by bit and drop it, we wanted to give it a very organic feel, and try to get the songs recorded in bigger chunks. It’s something we did on Hammer of the Witches and then continued to do so on this record. Everything influences an album though, it even comes down to the time of year it’s being recorded. We’ve used some different techniques and different styles, different flavours of songs you could say.

Do you have a favourite song off of the new album?

Bathory Aria. It’s kind of a culmination of a story, and it was on a ground breaking album for us. It will be 20th anniversary of that track soon. Hopefully we will be re: releasing a remixed and remastered version of it for the twentieth anniversary later this year…

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans here in Australia?

We’d like to apologise for our five year hiatus. That’s out of our hands, but it’s looking like this tour is going to be a sell out show so that should give the promoters some food for thought. We’re under new management as well, our new manager is quite keen on us coming out to Australia frequently, he also manages a band called Dragon Force...

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Written by Jonathan Matthews

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