Gig Review: Steel Panther @ The Forum, Melbourne

Beers are being downed, the wigs and tights are on and tits are out as soon as Steel Panther hits the stage.

Tonight is all Panther with two 1 hour sets of rocking glam metal, One set of all original crowd favorites and the other a classic metal cover set. The band opens with "Eyes Of A Panther" which produces a loud cheer and the room begins to rock. The band are on absolute fire from musical performance to comedic banter, everything is choreographed perfectly even the unplanned moments that happen like when a young lady is pulled up on stage to help sing "Girl From Oklahoma" and "Community Property." She couldn't sing very well but the titties came out and no one seemed to mind, crowd and band alike, she was then taken backstage for some 'after party fun' If you know what I mean. Steel Panther close the first half of the show with heavy anthem "Death To All But Metal".

Next up, the cover set. I was expecting this part of the show to be good, but honestly it was a unforgettable metal extravaganza kicking it off with The Scorpions "Rock You Like A Hurricane" and then into Van Halen's "Jump" which was one of my favourite moments. They then did a cover of "Crazy Train" which was completed with a drug fucked impersonation of Ozzy which was beautiful and hilarious. Speaking of favourites, guitarist Satchel is a living rock God. His eruption like solo midway leading into a melody of some of the best riffs, "Smoke On The Water", "Breaking The Law", "The Tropper", "Master Of Puppets" and "Iron Man" into doremi for fucksake. There was a guest appearance from "Airborne" singer Joel O'Keeffe who came out and nailed "Highway To Hell" and skulled a beer before leaving the stage. Honestly there were too many awesome moments you had to be there for, 100 maybe plus ladies were called to the stage and helped perform "Living On A Prayer" and "Pour Some Sugar On Me". Steel Panther closed the cover set with Whitesnake "Here I Go Again" declaring everyone rips off Whitesnake while playing a melody of bands who had ripped them off using the G Chord or as they called it Gesus chord,

The night was brought to a close with the huge track "Party All Day". Now I don't normally highlight something I found as a negative but here it goes. The crowd didn't know how to dance and as a avid mosh pit goer, it was a little disheartening, especially when the tunes are so damn good, Apart from that, the night was filled with the magic of heavy metal and everyone got the shocker up 'em!

Photos by Aidan Rice - Broken Hound Studio.

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