Melbourne's BANG! Nightclub Is Saying Goodbye

Sad news for one of Melbourne's most notorious nightclubs, as BANG! will no longer be running events at the famous Royal Melbourne Hotel. With hundreds of bands playing the venue, plenty of after parties featuring World renowned guest DJ's and thousands of party goers keen for a good time, most people in the heavy music scene have definitely experienced a fun night at this establishment.

From the BANG! Facebook page:

"Flashback to March 18th of 2006 - we launched a little idea called BANG and little did we know this little idea would turn into 12 amazing years of the best parties of our lives on Bourke St for our generation… So here we stand, 12 years on and we're announcing the end of an era.... the FINAL 10 WEEKS EVER of BANG. 12+ years. That’s over 600 events, around 2000 bands, a million stairs to the Party room, 2 million drinks, thousands of Jagar Bombs, countless hours chilling in the smokers, endless singlalongs and too many Southern Cross Hungry Jacks runs to ever keep track of! We've partied with our idols from across the world... Fred Durst, Oli Sykes, Ronne Radke and Andrew WK just to name a few. There’s no doubt we’ve had some of the best years of our lives bringing BANG to you all. We’ve seen friendships made from the dancefloor to the smokers to the bathroom to picking up a new mate when he fell down in the mosh, we've remembered our unforgettable nights with thousands of incredible party pics, there have been multiple marriage proposals, bands grow from obscurity to selling out stadiums. We’ve seen our DJ’s nervous for their first set to travelling the world... and we’ve no doubtedly slept at Flinders Street station WAY too many times as we waited for that first Sunday morning train. You guys have loved BANG unconditionally, and unconditionally BANG has given you all love. You’ve grown with BANG, as BANG has grown with you. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank ALL the incredible venue staff, the promoters, bands, DJs, hosts, door staff, photographers, security guards and all you incredible people for making BANG the longest running and best punk/alt club in Australia. You've been our friends and our family for over a decade. This place was for the misfits, for those who didn't fit in, it gave us all a home and a place to belong. So Melbourne... you’ve been the home that’s housed us and we hope we've been your home away from home... So Melbourne, it’s time to show up! We’ve got 10 weeks to do this… to take it out right... so let’s turn up, let’s get buck wild, and let’s GO OUT WITH A BANG! We’re going to have some huge surprise bands, DJs, guests and reunions planned for this final 10 weeks – so make sure you click ATTENDING so you can stay up to date with all the surprises and announcements as it unfolds over the upcoming weeks. But... this won't be the last you see of us. We've got some super special and amazing things in the works which we can't wait to tell you about very soon. But for now we're going to throw some of the biggest, best and craziest parties to send us off in style. We're going to miss you, so make sure you come and say good bye, as always the beers will be cold and the music will be loud The team at DAL and Bang xx"

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